Lexus Crank No Start and Keeps Blowing Fuse DIY Diagnosis

Lexus Crank No Start and Keeps Blowing Fuse DIY Diagnosis

My neighbor’s 1995 Lexus SC400 will not start and he states it is because it keeps blowing a fuse as soon as ignition is turned to ON. Can we use a scientific approach to find the issue without firing the parts cannon?



Bobby Tables says:

iiagnostics – a new word has been added to brain storage.

Rusty Nail says:

Blowing fuses ya say… No biggy. Do things the scotty kilmer way.add a larger fuse

Enrique Martinez says:

Thanks again Matt and let me know how I can get to your pay Channel thank you And how I can pay you

Imanol Morales says:

What the causes of a P219A and P128B Air fuel imbalance? Fuel trim are good even at 2,500rpm any thought?

Enrique Martinez says:

Thank you again I do have a question I want to learn more I’ve been learning with your videos but I want to get like a class online what do you recommend to do what classes you think I should take I had a class before online but then in the end they take it away you don’t get to keep the classes the videos or nothing when you’re going to go back you don’t remember something you’re done you don’t know anymore thank you and I was just wondering what classes online you recommend I only been working on cars for like four years I want to learn more thank you

Вадим Вороной says:

A Leo Tolstoy's "work as a reward" in flash. MAESTRO.

Terry TT says:

I'm seriously considering paying for your channels. So that I can be more competent or at least more experiences and with confidence.

Terry TT says:

That's amazing! U r my teacher!!!

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