How to Replace the Alternator on a 2007-2012 Lexus ES 350

How to Replace the Alternator on a 2007-2012 Lexus ES 350

Brian Eslick from How to Automotive takes you step-by-step through the process of replacing the alternator on a 2007-2012 Lexus ES 350. #AutomotiveRepair

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kimberly aikey says:

How long should it take to replace it and the price with labor? The sgop i bought it to is telling me 4 hours and 650+$

Joe David says:

This is the BEST…. Keep up the great works. Thanks.
It could be nice if you do the same for Spark Plugs, Water pump of 07-12 Camry V6 (or Lexus ES 350).

Madjwills says:

Great Video I completed this job with your step by step instructions keep them videos coming especially for this lexus.

Paul Rutledge says:

going a little overboard with removing all that crap .Just pull the dam engine out next time . lmfao idiot at work!

Jason Goeders says:

That was a great video. Just did this yesterday and had no problems thanks to your video. Thank you.

Sharif Smith says:

So my alternator went out and the shop wants to ch as the me $775 for labor and part. Is that a deal, normal price range or, over price?

hoangpviet says:

Your instruction is very clear. I just finished replacing my alternator today

MFTSTRIFE Legit says:

Nice video Bro

rpknaz says:

Well done video tutorial.

Peppermint says:

Well done and explained video. Worth a subscription for the quality filming and editing effort alone.

Phyllis James says:

What! all that work to replace an alternator

Jesus Robles says:

Done this twice on our 07 ES350. I didn't have to remove the radiator, nor lift the car at all. I removed the upper radiator hose and the fans, which is very easy to do. Then remove the lower bolts on the condenser so I could push back the radiator about 3-4 inches, which is enough clearance to remove the alternator. The decoupler pulley froze and fried the OEM alternator at 155K. I replaced the alternator with a lifetime guarantee alternator from Oreillys. That went bad at 179K and installed replacement under the warranty. The car now has 215K and the alternator is holding up well. BTW, Gates makes a replacement decoupler pulley and recommends replacing it every 100K – Toyota's maintenance schedule doesn't mention this.

Michael Trostle says:

This you tube was great, I followed the procedures and successfully replaced my alternator. Brian's instructions were great. I did want to add a few comments. When purchasing the alternator , inspect the spacing between the arms that fasten to the car. My alternator would not fit. There was a pressed bushing that needed to be adjusted on the alternator. I was reluctant to make the adjustment by hammering to proper position, so I had to return to parts store for them to adjust. Second, I did purchase a turpentine adjustment tool which helped a lot to take tension off belt. I decided to replace the belt while i was changing the alternator. Getting the belt installed correctly was probably the hardest part. The other point, if you use channel locks to help break loose the radiator hose, be careful as I broke the top port and had to do some rigging to salvage the radiator. The job took 6 hours including the trip back to parts store, but well worth the $600 savings to do it yourself. Thanks Brian

Hamad Al-Shuaili says:

Thank you , your vidoe is very useful.

Stephen Bay says:

I had only one other thought that I wanted to mention, about the particular car that you worked on. I noticed that it had fancy wheels on it, and it's been my experience that a lot of times the people that get wheels like that, also get super powerful stereos. Kind of stereos that draw a tremendous amount of power from an alternator. I would think that with one of those stereos, an alternator would go out prematurely. Now since I don't know whether that car had a high-power stereo or not, I can't draw any conclusions here. I just think it's odd that an alternator went out that soon.

And the second thing is just a request. It would be great to see a video of changing the belt tensioner on that same type car. You were part way there by having the alternator out, next thing you have to do is pull the air conditioning compressor, either out of the way or out of the car, to get to that tensioner.

Stephen Bay says:

I have a '07 ES350… many miles were on this failed alternator? I'm curious because I have 151k on my car now, and seeing your video shows me HOW to do it (and thanks for that!). I just want to be prepared for WHEN I'm gonna have to do this. Thanks!

Philip Culbertson says:

You gotta be kidding me. What idiot designed an engine this difficult to replace an alternator.

The G Automotive And More says:

Spot on video. I do work in a shop with a lift and had it apart in no time.

kevin boodram says:

only that one nut that you cant see is a bitch everything else easy

Brad Dixon says:

Thank you so much for the video. I can change oil and brakes. That's about my extent. I didn't have the extra $500 to pay a mechanic to change the alternator. I was intimidated at first, but decided to roll up my sleeves and follow step by step. Being broke makes you brave. I was concerned after I had everything apart and parts laying everywhere. But, I eventually made it through and put everything back in place. After jump starting the car, it ran perfectly. There is no way that I could have done this job with my limited experience. This YouTube video made it happen. Once again, thank you!

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