How to repair Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor on Lexus vehicles with ETCS-i GS300 / IS300

How to repair Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor on Lexus vehicles with ETCS-i  GS300 / IS300

This video is a how to guide on how to repair the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor on Lexus vehicles with ETCS-i. When this sensor fails, the DTC codes that pops up will be P1120 / P1121 and your vehicle will usually be in limp mode. This fix will apply to any 2JZ vvti such as GS300 / IS300 and the IS200 or any other vehicle with ETCS-i.

Replacement part number: 22060-46070



Briana Pelayo says:

Where you located? Would you be able to repair that for me if I ship it to you?

Beeskneesitem9 says:

Just got an is300 yesterday kept going into limp mode and throwing codes. Was sceptical of this but Pulled off throttle body and resoldered this and cleaned the butterfly. So far so good, just pulled it back off to jb weld the broken hole. Thank you!!

Benny Lexx says:

Mines is broken as well

Tho Athome says:

How do you remove this? On the gs300 the bottom bolts they are in very tight position.

golden key says:

Installing this part easy?

PrissyChrissy says:

Is this for the P2121 on is300 also?

The Owl Guy says:

This also works for the failed brake light sensor in the back.

Jared Grebe says:

had this happen on my 2001 is300 just finished up doing this and everything seemed to work perfect. NO MORE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. and the car has power again thanks for the video .

Christian S says:

Absolutely the best solution, thank you!!! I followed this and it fixed it. Mine failed on my 01 at about 230k. Was not going to spend $200+ on that sensor when clearly the solder joints are really the fail point. Nothing to lose on this and it works!

Maria Ram says:

How do you make it air tight?

wannabecarguy says:

I'ma try dis. I gots mad sodr skills. Will report the results.

Joseph Wall says:

Has anyone else also tried it. Looks very interesting and a money saver

Luxious Automotive says:

22060-46010 is the part number if you are curious on the price.

Dblock real says:

Do you know how much new accelerator position sensor is I'm just asking cuz it doesn't look like it's worth soldering it and all that if the part is not too expensive just replace it right?

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