One Year Later: Is The Land Rover Discovery Really A Repair Nightmare??

One Year Later: Is The Land Rover Discovery Really A Repair Nightmare??

( We’ve owned our 2004 Land Rover Discovery for almost exactly one year. In the past few months we’ve taken it off-road, through the mud, the sand and even the snow. Has it been reliable? Is it as terrible as everyone says it is?

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Dr. Threatening says:

I am in love with my '02 series II. Been doing some light resto work and have saved boatloads by doing so. Recommend Atlantic Rover Supply for parts and how-tos. Your recovery vehicle is where I hope to be with it.

Tucker Stewart says:

I love both my discoveries even if one is a complete lemon

1Post Daily says:

When the engine blows, completely not savable, place a new engine in it from chevy like a long block, which I think will fit, and a new 6 speed transmission…. get like 16 mile to the gallon HWY…. LOL

Live Stock says:

Bought a $1000 parts Disco, ended up being pretty much ready for the road. 6 years later, still my daily driver. Front driveshaft will tell you when it's ready to be rebuilt. Don't ignore it.

Anil Chowdhury says:

Just bought a disco 1 with 126miles on it. Wish me luck fellas¡

John Doe says:

11:55 — clearly not center locked here.

John Doe says:

will it run triple-locked ?

John Doe says:

0:45 — not center-locked.

Virgil Grillone says:

I have an ‘04 HSE. She’s amazing. Fixed all the leaks. Does great! She is a keeper!

Matt H says:

My rear wiper works fine with a 32 inch tire on the back. I had to flip the carrier which made the wiper arm interfere with the carrier so I took the wiper arm off and adjusted it so the stop point was above the carrier. It wipes a little more of the window on the passenger side than it did before but works perfect.

Ross Adams says:

An L200 will last you a long long time I'm the only one downside to it the Rock boxes the bodies as for the Land Rover find a drain and throw your money down it

Blacre says:

D1 is nice.. d2 not:-(

Joshua Rayborn says:

Endless money

Brian B says:

I’ve always liked how they look, and I’m happy to admire them from afar.

AttilaTheHung says:

Thank you for making this video, man. I've been really indecisive about buying this 2003 Discovery by my house after my father telling me it's too high cost maintenance, but you convinced me otherwise. Thank you.

Isaac Freeman says:

I remember when I was stationed in Lakenheath England and picked up a 1997 V8 disco. It was slapped together with spare parts and was only 800 quid. I took out a small tree once when I missed a turn and found out how long it takes to stop a disco. Not a scratch on the rover but that tree was tossed like 4 feet. The only problem was the transmission, I never maintained it as it was my first vehicle but it made it 9 months of daily driving and weekly trips to Scotland before shredding due to lack of oil. Rock solid vehicle and I'll be getting another soon now that I'm in the US and actually maintaining it

harrij19 says:

I am amazed at the jaundiced US view about Land Rovers and how they are a piece of crap. She highlight a US vehicle that has a pedigree. The discovery is a Defender with a soft more comfortable body. But is an incredibly capable off-road vehicle. Maybe go look up Camel trophy Mongolia as an idea.

Enjoying the fact that TFL actually understand the underpinnings of the bargain 5K truck.

Daniel Roth says:

Get the TOYO MT OPEN COUNTRY for your next tires they’re badass

James Caron says:

People who comment about the unreliability of the Discovery often forget that these vehicles are 15-20 years old. Seals dry and crack, moving parts wear out, plastic and rubber undergoes UV damage. The other thing is that you should not skimp out on the maintenance. It is probably more critical than in other vehicles that you keep up with the scheduled maintenance. Older cars all have older car problems. Unless you want to do a full frame off rebuild None of them are exempt.

77_k20_4x4 says:

I hate when people ask if a modern fuel injected engine is going to fire up.

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