Land Rover Discovery 2 XYZ Switch Repair

Land Rover Discovery 2 XYZ Switch Repair

Troubleshooting Tuesday

Today we are opening up the XYZ switch on the Land Rover Discovery 2! This was actually a very simple project and only took a few minutes and a few tools. To remove your XYZ switch, you will need the following;

10mm wrench, 14mm wrench, patience…..

That is all! I took it apart to find a contact that was worn and had carbon on it. I cleaned it with electrical cleaner and a rag. We were good to go, problem solved! We will see how long this XYZ switch will last me because they are $630 from Atlantic British!!!! WHAT?!?!?!

Good luck on your project! Comment if you have any questions!

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Jennifer Garner says:

I need help getting – gages but working after I to the initial in a part it was not workings are took it apart now none of my gages are working but they were working before I did this and I have no idea where to go

sonat2008 says:

Do you have a video of the actual removal of this?

beer man 22 says:

is it hard to get to and where is it?

FIFO Crew says:

What? "Kills dreams more that failure"

Laurens Van Hemeldonck says:

Hi, great job!
What rivets were used? I have the same issue but wanna make sure i have the correct stuff so i can finish the job once i start it 🙂 Thanks!!

Pounds J says:

Thank you so much for this video.. Having the same problem with the lights and the rpms… basically got the old girl back home today in small intervals. Luckily always had a nice spot to pull over and reset. Going to try this soon, really glad there's a possible fix without dropping the money into a new switch. Only out 50 into the disco so far and its treated me well. Hoping this fixes the issue

Ivan says:

My. Neutral alarm is stuck would this hopefully help and fix the problem ? Everything works just the neutral alarm 2 orange gears on dash won't come off but 2 low works and back to hi like nothing

Cmandes13 says:

Flashing sport, manual mode, and D indicator started flashing parking my rover in the garage.

I drove it about 500 miles in the rain a few weeks ago….

Do you think I should disconnect the battery and reset it, and do a transmission fluid flush first?

Gary Peatling says:

Looks like 100 quid worth LR take the piss same as steering lock ridiculous price I'd use little nuts and bolts instead of rivets great video

Mohamed Hudeib says:

I have a Discovery 2, but there is a bug in the transmission device and at the start the movement is slow but after 80 kilometers is working normally and there are no sounds when changing from 1 to 2 to 3 working on the car

Ovide Morin says:

Thanks we bought a hurricane Sandy Disco for my son. And it has run flawlessly for the last 6 years. I just cleaned the Trans ECU connectors and we still have this problem. I am going to try to rebuild the XYZ switch next. The connectors could be bad as it sat in salt water 6" above the doors.

Patrick Burnside says:

You guys are truly awesome for posting this. Many thanks.

David Monaghan says:

awesome thanks for taking the time to put out there

chang dang says:

Do you think I would need to replace mine I was mad and I put it in park a little hard and then the lights started flashing

keith W says:

use a multi meter to work out the pin out

Zoltan Magyar says:

…the second contact runs a bit on the plastic,and drags it up. The same problem comes up with the windshield wiper motors when they stop halfway,exactly the same fix. If you would use the rivet backwards it would crack the plastic,unless you put a small washer on it. Great video! Thanks! [ I'm looking forward to do this next week on my 2000 ]

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