We Built The Ultimate DIY Paint Booth for the Lamborghini Huracan

We Built The Ultimate DIY Paint Booth for the Lamborghini Huracan

In todays episode we build the ultimate at home DIY automotive paint booth! And it doubles as one sexy garage..

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ThePeoplesChamp says:

Incredible DIY job!

J P says:

What happened with the venting?

subbystyle says:

You guys did an excellent job but you really should have utilized the space as best as possible! you could have made access panel doors for storage in ceiling or at the end of the paint booth where you cut off a lot of space with the 45 degree wall. But otherwise looks fabulous!

Heck says:

Box the water pipe

Vantey 1kkk says:

you should do a 2jz swap is300

Penuses says:

Chrix fix if you knoe what i mean

The Northern-light says:

I'm not into construction either, but this hurts even me to watch… LOL. get'er done!

Diego Torres says:

Loving the build videos ! Keep them coming I subscribe if you haven’t yet idk what you guys are waiting for !

Jim Willoughby says:

This is good evidence for the insurance company, you may want to delete this video my man..

Noizebombb says:

Im not going to lie an Epoxy floor would make the space look even better. Also makes it a little easier to clean

reidar brenden says:

Not any slots for the ventilation ?

cuck lord says:

God I hate this guy and I don't know why.

Navi says:

Make the whole shop look like this

Ron Kirkland says:

Great job!!!!

REALthugnasty says:

Fucking impressive.

Junior Salazar says:

why do girls always like spackling?

Mehdi Khadem says:

Chelsea helped for like 10 min and ate her snack for like 30 min 😀 kkkkkk. still a keeper tho!

Thien Bentley Official says:

Good luck i love u


Honestly it was a waste of time

To make a proper paint booth , you need a down draft and upper ceilings vacuums , your paint work won’t change, as you spraying and the overspray just lingers all over the “booth “ you made paint is gonna settle
And more lights

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