New Lamborghini Huracan fitted with Nero Carbon Fiber Body Kit

New Lamborghini Huracan fitted with Nero Carbon Fiber Body Kit

Brand new Lamborghini Huracan fitted with a Nero Design carbon fiber body kit; rear spoiler, side skirts and front splitter, in 3 hours.

Danny from Urban Automotive in Milton Keynes joined Pav for this Nero body kit installation.

What do you guys think?

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:: THIS Lamborghini Huracan Nero Body Kit Installation VIDEO ::




Mizan Hoque says:

Who ever edited the video at 5:05 needs a pay rise

Juan de Dios veloz Espinoza says:


Boosted DailyDriven says:

Love this channel. The guy is a lot more genuine and humble than other YouTube @ssholes just posting clickbait. Always posting content that people wanna see. Keep up the good work man!

Fighter07 07 says:

Song at 3:00?

Irene Lau says:

Keep show off his watch, but be careful it may scratch the car body

Akuspqbs says:

When you don’t have enough money for the performante version

edward george says:


Bentang TV says:

Song name please..

Táka Toúkas says:

Re malaka Gianni, to timoni einai deksia?! Ti ston poutso?!?….

idk says:

Black panther

Mike says:

Stop flexing your fake A.P

John Kidd says:

Car looks great, but I'm surprised there is no car lift to lift the car up, make it so much easier to work under the car and not on the floor

Kolomoiskiy President says:

Spoiler plastic shit,first winter and "-" your spoiler

Dylan Wells says:

You know what would be cool! If you took a light blue Lamborghini Huracan and put on some of the forged carbon composites from Mansory. I think that would look epic! I love watching your videos and you truly have some beautiful cars at your shop. Love the content! 🙂

Crazy Legend says:

The editing is sick

K - Joe says:

Do they sell this kit in the United States? Thanks.

Marcellino Fernaldi says:

1:40 song ???

cr500mike says:

Rap music sux .

100,000 subscribers without a Video says:

You should put a Lamborghini sesto Elemento body kit on the huracán


The first song 0:0 is jamele beiba.The second one is Off the record.

Sergiu Salcau says:

give the video editor / videographer a big raise !

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