My Cheap Lamborghini’s DIY Turbo Kit Sounds INSANE! (I FIXED IT!!!)

My Cheap Lamborghini’s DIY Turbo Kit Sounds INSANE! (I FIXED IT!!!)

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I fixed my revving issue. Now my cheap Lambo can sing the song of its people, and it’s GLORIOUS.

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Daefera says:

I am high fiving you right now!!!

Eric dela cruz says:

I was so happy when you got it started and subscribed. I can’t wait until you test drive your lambo.

Rick Hayner says:

You are fearless and it payed off! Congratulations!

Ian Mcdowell says:

Why would you move the entire TB instead of just moving the wiring?

Vivek Upadhya says:

So happy for you, dude, that was great to watch

Thomas brick says:

lul the setup on that frayed wire tho

Harris414 says:

Did anyone notice the fluid leak around 10:50?

BG TechLife says:

Congrats bro. You are DYI motivation

Angelo Dias says:

I think these horses are willing to ride outside. Not pushing. Just sayin'.

#This is the future says:

You know when ur done building the lambo and take it for a drive to the bar u will have a great story to tell much respect I luv the vids keep it up!!!!!

The Wanderer says:

absolutely take it for a drive

Doublevanoz says:

What's with the "built the turbo kit from scratch"??
Am I missing something..? He just re-routed a few feet of piping..
It erks me that he isn't realistic with his claims³

Eddie Daugherty says:

I think we smilled together I'm hAppy for you this is a car man's fantasy

Maxwell Williams says:

I don't even currently own a car as I live in the city. Nonetheless, you have been incredibly entertaining and inspirational Tavarish. Thank you!

Sam Parks says:

This may be the single most satisfying channel I've ever subscribed to.
>Massive Respect<

Noah Paul says:

Awesome stuff bro! I wish I knew how to work on vehicles. You got the skills to pay the bills

gofres says:

Duuuuuuude! Well done! Been watching since the start and so happy for you. On the home straight now, congratulations.

Xceler8 Auto says:

The feel of accomplishment is the best feeling knowing that you took a FREAKING LAMBO apart then put it together and it RUNS… No matter what car you work on it's always the same great feeling knowing you fixed it and fixed it right. Congrats tavarish!!!!you earned it!

green0one says:

good on temperature, sorta…

Julian Hickman says:

intercooler looks bettter black…………each to their own i guess

Jacob AbuKhader says:

Drive it drive it drive it

Michovski says:

Keep it up.
Never stop fellow man…

D. Jain says:

Take it for a drive! Great build!

Tristin Coveyou says:

someone must have really hated the original owner of that car lol. those wires were cut purposely.

Tristin Coveyou says:

lol could have checked the voltage in the first place and saved the wrenching lmao.

407ForRent says:

Try swapping them

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