Lamborghini Gallardo Common oil and coolant leak Fix For Free!!!

Lamborghini Gallardo Common oil and coolant leak Fix For Free!!!

When I bought this 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo they mention it had a small oil leak. So I took the car to my buddy’s house to see for ourselves how much and where it was leaking from. I originally though it was leaking from the front main seal. But after further inspection it was actually leaking from bolts that tighten down the oil pan. It was as simple as pulling and cleaning the bolts one at a time and putting some lock tight on them as they must have vibrated themselves loose. While doing this we also noticed a coolant leak up at the front of the car under the trunk. All we had to do is remove the trunk lining and tighten the coolant clamps and that was it for that leak.

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Kevin McMullen says:

Thanks for watching guy's
If you have any suggestions let me know below.
Almost at 15k Subs

CarpeDiem says:

I don't like Lamborghini. Maybe i'm crazy but that's me 😛

7THxSIGN says:

Great video Kevin. I was shocked the oil pan bolts were that loose. Must have been removed at one point and not torqued to spec?

ExoticCar PlayPlace says:

Kevin, hopefully you got the leaks fixed with these repairs. I know I had a coolant leak in a different spot on mine and it was near the front end of the engine tucked up in a cranny where there were a bunch of small hoses and some clamps which just needed a bit of snugging up and all good. Also, a couple of potential oil leaks on these cars are, as you say, the rear main, the oil filter housing which can drip down the V and also I have heard of a few cases of oil pumps leaking or the shaft could break yielding ZERO oil pressure instantly if it happens. Check Peter Beattie's channel for his personal experience on that. Generally speaking though, according to my very close mechanic buddy who works on many Ferraris and Lambos, this is one of the most reliable and robust supercars that money can buy( and Audi R8 of course). I will be curious to see the outcome here.

Kassem Larsen says:

Sorry.. but the music to load

TheLizardKing1967 says:

Quick heads up Kevin. Use ATP 205 Re-Seal to STOP the leaks. It really works and it's a cheap fix to boot.

Quinton TV says:

Man u got lucky, the source of the oil leak was really simple.

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