Installing a Lamborghini Huracan Widebody Kit! [Part 1]

Installing a Lamborghini Huracan Widebody Kit! [Part 1]

Let’s get going! Today we start to disassemble the lamborghini Huracan and piece together the new body pieces from 1016!

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Vanderdetails Car Detailing says:

How did you get the part where u say o it clip't here like you look under.


Definitely paint it the same British racing green

Bangers says:

Should paint it Audi Tioman green!!

Boosted Damo says:

Paint it Sunset orange or Sanmarino Blue

Boosted Damo says:

Fabulous version or lil Wayne remix?

Ricky Jackson says:

Streethunter 67 Mustang?

Frank F80 says:

San Mario blue

Vance Epenesa says:

Love calvin’s confidence

Noah Wayne says:

Monterey Blue!!

Nodari Marjanidze says:

matte tan would be sick honestly

Brendan says:

Deep plum or oil black

Albert Alby says:

That dark purple rare BMW color

darnel turner says:

R34 midnight purple would look sick

Solomon Fillingim says:

That matte orange they used on the preformante would be sick!

TheNeelix24 says:

Mint colour

Scooter McDoogall says:

Dark wine red

Daniel Dinesen says:

TJ you should definetely do the color in cognac or burgundy! Or maybe something in between. Cognac is a very nice color and not a dark color that hides all the details on this car. On of these colors and some grey (not silver) wheels would look super great and not something I have seen on a Huracan before 😉

Justindobb1984 says:

Color, plum crazy purple with a single driver side of the top of the car, crush orange stripe

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