Best Lamborghini Gallardo Exhaust Installation | Tubi

Best Lamborghini Gallardo Exhaust Installation | Tubi

Best Lamborghini Gallardo Exhaust Installation | Tubi

Lear how to DIY install a TUBI Lamborghini Gallardo exhaust system. The best way to drive a Lamborghini is to enjoy the sounds We review step by step how to install a premium exhaust in this video.

We would also like to send a special thanks to Best Exhaust in Australia if you would like to purchase a new system for your supercar.

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Ro Jacob says:


bemmaboy2009 says:

Nice…..I went with a x pipe from Hughes Motorsport definitely a night and day difference. The rear feels so much lighter after taking that huge oem exhaust….lol

Staggered Horizons says:

awesome video! just stumbled upon your channel, subscribed! sounds great!!

justin koestler says:

Great job man! Content is getting better, videos are getting much better. like the new camera angles keep up the good work!!!

jim dandy says:

Great job and looks nice too !!!, Not sure how many Lambo owners would tackle that but its good to test your personal skills and you sure saved lots of $$$ on labor —-I hope after all that its not an annoying soundWhat are the performance/horsepower increases if any?

Adrien Garsh says:

I have a question kind of off topic. When you are coming to a red stop light you put the car in neutral but what if the light turns green do you need to wait until you come to a complete stop to put back into gear or can you put it back into gear while moving? Thanks

Daily Driven Turbos says:

I know they make TUBI for 996 turbos, Pretty good sound!

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