24k Mile Oil Change In Depth Tutorial – Lamborghini Gallardo

24k Mile Oil Change In Depth Tutorial – Lamborghini Gallardo


aaf1218 says:

Did you really have to wait 9 hours for the oil to drain?? Or were you being sarcastic? Good video!

Gallardo Dude says:

Hi Peter! So i just completed my first oil change on my 2008 Gallardo and i have put in 6 quarts of oil then ran it at 2000 rpm for about 2 min then added 3 more quarts. I took it out for a quick drive and when i checked the dip stick the oil level is literally right at the max level. I added total of 9 quarts and i thought the Gallardo take up to 10 quarts? The oil level is right at the dot on top on the dip stick. Should i release some oil? If i do need to drain some oil do I drain from the sump tank or do I drain from the oil tank? Your advise is much appreciated.

Guang Life says:

Thanks for the walkthrough!

Mark Nguyen says:

Hey Peter, I am finally in the market for a Gallardo. It actually sound surreal just saying that. But anyway I'm torn between an 08 supperleggera e-gear with low mile and an 25k mile lp560 e-gear. What do you think is a all around better choice? The first gen gallardo I like the look better but isn't the lp more reliable? I know lp have more power then the supperleggera and better mpg. I'm just not sure what I would enjoy more.

Robin Thomas says:

nice vid… ive purchased the oil, ive made my own wrench, just waiting for the filter to arrive before I attempt mine,,,,,,,mines a spyder though so I don't have the nice access from the rear of the car like you :(…… oh and a little tip…never push on a wrench..always pull !! 🙂

nick elias says:

Even if you torque a fastener correctly, alot of times it wont come out very easily because of heating and cooling cycles and these engines get hot.

Preston Owens says:

This was a great DIY video. It was straight to the point and I like that.

YellowMega1 says:

first time ever to seeing the process….it looks so easy. why in the hell does it cost so much at the dealership? thanks for your time with the video.

J Burn says:

Thanks again

Mike Racer says:

I thought the Gallardo had 7 drain points?

Robert Kohut says:

Great video!

Mortalomena says:

You should have converted to FWD for increased mileage.


A few tips. If changing the oil myself you should use a torque wrench so its perfectly tight and not that tight. And if its too tight you should of used a longer ratchet. Using an 18" ratchet will give you a ton of more leverage instead of using an open end attached to the smaller ratchet.

vaajchang says:

such detailed video. it's one thing to pay a mechanic but another thing to work on it yourself. such a thing makes you stand out out from all other enthusiasts. God bless you.

Eric Gruntfuttock says:

Your own lift but no torque wrench for going into aluminium…?

Christopher Jasper says:

Why do you only fill with 5 quarts at first? Would that fuck up the engine if you start it without enough oil? Why cant you just add all 10? I know its a super car but is the process all that different from say your mustang?!

Joshuathabeast - Gameplays! says:

Just curious, why did you convert to RWD?

Robert Sandifer says:

Lamborghini should have some panel under the car so it would be flat fore more aerodynmic.

Tonyw2394 says:

Wheres youre snap on ratchets lol

Thanos A says:

Sick video, hope to see you again at Tutto Italiano next summer!

Patrick Paquette says:

hey man love your vids, you should do more tutorials on simple how to DIY car videos. I love the use of your lamborghini to teach on your channel. It makes it easier to remember small but important details that can make life much easier, as well as the fact that if we all maintained our cars to the standard of a lamborghini owners own maintenance techniques i believe cars would last longer in general and be more efficient. Sweet channel dude!

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