PDR / Extreme Dent Repair / Wrecked Kia Fender / Dent Training

PDR / Extreme Dent Repair / Wrecked Kia Fender / Dent Training

Extreme PDR Repair from Jim at on this smashed Kia Fender. Dent removal to the extreme. Advanced skills are employed to save this fender from the body shop go to

Real World PRD

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John Papa says:

Too stupid to quit! Been there many times.

mainecrab says:

F**kin Fantastic job! You definitely proved that could be done without normal repair work of a new panel. Sometimes we forget the journey and the skills learned when we look at the overall picture. Hats off to you sir

Felix Mathison says:

How much would it cost to do a fix like a 1/4 the size of this one that I have on my car?

••• says:

I genuinely appreciate the effort put into this, and recognize the experience. However, that fender probably cost $60, a 1/2 pint of basecoat perfectly matched is roughly $70, maybe less. If you need to blend the door figure on $85. The clear is maybe $10 when u buy gallons + hardener for $145. Reducer.. maybe $2 worth with a 2/1 mix ratio basecoat. Disassembly would take all of 15 minutes. Preparing the new fender would take me 10 minutes assuming it's an ecoated or pre primed panel. The actual painting, 5 min. Reassembly, and polishing surrounding panels, maybe 2 hours. So were at most $160 in for materials, and 3 hours TOPS to do the job, not including the obvious shop supplies. Sand papers, grey scuff pads, prep sol, tack rags, etc. That stuff is negligible for 1 small job. I would charge $400 if the customer was aware of the possibility of a minor color difference without a blend. With a blend, I'd charge $550. The customer would have it back next day after the fender arrived, but they wouldnt drop it off until it arrived, so it would be a 1 day inconvenience for the customer. I cant imagine that job took less than 20 hours, and cost the customer more than $600. In this case, traditional panel replacement / painting, would've been the way to go for both the customer, and the shop.

mark l says:

Wow, that is the dogs bollocks. A real shame that the paint had a small crack from the initial impact. But, if that was my car, I'd be well pleased!

Dave Ross says:

How do you get into PDR

dweiss1 says:

Love your dedication, love the results, and love that ending. I'm going to have to check out some more of your videos. Not clear why you took it home. Were you obsessed with getting it completed? Was there a time constraint?

Robert Kelly says:

I got a dent I need fixed how much you charge?

Petey Pete says:

Amazing skill and talent

Petey Pete says:

What’s PDR stand for? Pull dent removal?

deggers78 says:

It's great to see at true professional at work, brilliant job.

Cesar Mieses says:

Not bad….but this repair is better suited for a body shop repair (replacement panels, paint, etc).

Buddy Piper says:

I love driving dented cars. Nobody steals them.

Derrick Sowers says:

Dude, much respect, that is a ton of work. Been in the body shop world for 16 years, self tough pdr tech. I like showing this stuff to all the parts changers we have now doing body work.

FixItYerself says:

geeze. I would have replaced that fender. lol. props for rebuilding it. it looks amazing

Dean B says:

Now THAT is impressive. I wonder why no sanding though

Carlos Sagas says:


Francisco Galindo says:

Admirable ! . Felicitaciones desde Mexico.

Zachary Sims says:

Are you located in L.A.? I would love to take my truck to you to get an evaluation

Anthrozoology TV says:

Jeeeeeeezussss that was dope!

michael neale says:

amazing job

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