Leather Seats Interior Kit Install – Jeep Wrangler

Leather Seats Interior Kit Install – Jeep Wrangler

In this video, I tackle the installation of a Leatherseats.com custom leather interior kit for my Jeep Wrangler. This leather seat kit is a great DIY project that just requires a few hand tools and some elbow grease. These leather seats are an awesome upgrade for any vehicle and the quality, in my opinion, far exceeds the factory seat covers.

Jeep specific: https://wrangler.leatherseats.com
All vehicles: http://www.leatherseats.com/

Everything I’m using on my Jeep can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/trailrecon

Video transcripts:

The first thing you need to do is remove the front seats, there are just 4 bolts and a wire clip underneath
Then with the seat on its side, you want to remove your lean back handle by pushing the pin out behind the handle
Then remove the 2 bolts on each side holding the seat back to the seat bottom. Starting with the base of the seat back, remove the U clip holding the fabric together and the 2 straps on either side.
Then you can remove the head rest, and all you have to do is press on both tab at the same time on the plastic base Now you are ready to start pealing back the seat fabric and carefully separating the Velcro strips. Working from side to side as you pull down seems to work best Grab yourself a good of snips because you will be using them a lot this project Begin removing the hog rings holding the fabric to the foam Then you can pull top off, and by stretching the fabric pull it around the head rest clips to remove the cover completely.
Now for the seat bottom, flip it over and begin removing all the clips around the edges. There are several hog rings on the base, 4 along each edge and three across, so get out those snips and get to work
Now I had never used hog ring plyers before, but they are super simple, just place the hog ring in the plyer slots, and then when you get it in position, squeeze until it makes a full ring
Just a tip, setting the leather out in the sun for a bit makes it a little easier to work with
When installing the new cover, you want to make sure you have it lined up perfectly before installing the new hog rings
Then, begin at the center and working your way to the edges, installing new hog rings in the same places you removed the old ones.
Be sure to stretch the fabric and line it up perfectly when pressing it into the Velcro strips
Once all the hog rings are in place, slide the seatbelt through and start stretch the fabric over the seat foam.
Hook up all the clips all the way around in the same locations you removed the old ones from
I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t excited about cutting up the new leather to make holes for the seat back bolts and handle, just make your holes small, the fabric will stretch a bit

Now we can turn the attention to the seat back, When installing the new leather on the seat back, it’s helpful to have it turned inside out and then just work your way down each side.
Be sure to line everything up and don’t forget to install your new hog rings
Now the U clip, I’m not sure what I was doing wrong, but out of everything in this project, these gave me the most trouble. You really have to stretch the fabric and make sure you line up the plastic clips… even after doing this on each seat, I never found these easy to do.
Now your are ready to reassemble your seat
Oh and another hole needs to be cut for the seat back handles.
It helps to install the pin slightly before putting the handle on, then you can just reach up underneath and press the pin into place

Now you are going to cut two small holes in the top of the seat for the head rest clips, make these holes small, the fabric will stretch
Moving on to the head rest, just undo the clip at the base and slowly compress the foam while removing the fabric. You’ll need to use a bit of elbow great to get this off and the new one on.
After you get the new head rest leather on and attach the clip, you are done, ready to install your new leather front seat!
Now for the back seats, the head rest is removed by pressing on the front base where the two rods stick through it, there are a couple pins inside that will release once you press and lift.
Next you need to remove the plastic trip on the seat handle, pull the handle forward and then press firmly on the plastic trip to release the rear clip and then carefully slide it up of the front clip. Take your time, you don’t want to bust these clips.
Now unzip the zippers on the back corner of the seat back.
And remove the U clip to spate the fabric
Remove the seat belt bolt and set it aside
Now you can begin pulling the fabric up. No need to remove the rear seats, I was able to easily get this done with them installed.
And you’ve got more hog rings to remove



Douglas Ames says:

I purchased my covers front Leather Seats.com and tackled the install myself solely because of this video. I did get cold feet once the box arrived so I called some local shops to get quotes for professional installation. They ranged from $300 to $750! And this was with me bringing them the seats already removed. I spent about 4 1/2 hours working very slowly to do the front seats of my 2 door. The rear seat was removed the day it came home. There are some differences between the 2 door and 4 door seats so pay careful attention. The biggest is the amount of mounting holes for the seat backs. If you are not careful you can cut a hole for a bolt you don't use. Mine is a 2017 and Jeep seems to be protecting us very well with plenty of thread locker on all of the major bolts. One other thing I noticed is if you do not have airbags, the seat back covers are exactly the same. The cushions are marked with an indentation of where the hog rings go, but I marked mine with a sharpie anyway. Make sure you go back and remove every bit of the old hog rings that you cut. Anything you miss might work itself up into the leather later down the trail. Thanks for another great video!

George Cristian Iordan says:

It looks great but they are sooo expensive…….

Angel's Travel Unravel says:

cant do this with the
front supplemental airbags right there mounted o the seats.

Ron Hutchins says:

How do these compare to Katzskin leather seats?

Krys Vela says:

Hey Brad I was wondering if I could get your opinion on if a Jeep Wrangler was a good first vehicle I'm just now starting out and looking for my first vehicle and I noticed that the Jeep Wrangler caught my eye can I please get your opinion….. Thank you

CreekBoy says:

Great how too video but as someone who works in an auto manufacturing plant PLEASE make sure to put the proper torque on the seatbelt anchor bolts and seat mounting bolts. They are designe to perform a certain way in a crash. We consider these A Rank bolts. Very important!

Mark Brown says:

Great video, looks much easier than I thought. Do you happen to know how do these seat compare to Katzkin leather seat covers in regards to price and quality?

More Cowbell says:

That's a great video. Showing all the steps, easy to understand directions and quicktime through processes.

Calvin Delich says:

Would you recommend marking down the spots where the hog rings are so you know where to replace them with the new seats?

Vhey Preexa says:

Went to the website. No options to buy just the front seats. I don't have my back seats anymore. and $900 is too much for just 2 seats.

Calvin Delich says:

The only thing that is making me scared to buy these are cutting holes in the seats.

Michael Morris says:

You make it look so easy. I will have to do this someday on my vehicles. Good to see they're from my home state too!

J Samson says:

Hey Brad, what percentage leather did you choose from LS for the install in this video: 100% Leather, Premium trim, or Deluxe trim? If Premium or Deluxe trim, is there a noticeable difference (visually and feel) between the vinyl and the leather? If 100% leather, are there any places that it really wears and is susceptible to damage? Finally, is the leather here their Standard or Ectasy leather? Is there a major difference between the two in how durable they seem?

Talez From the DashCam says:

I'm spending a grand on leather? No fudging way this id DIY. I would go to an upholstery shop.

Exploring Jeeps says:

Nice video, best I've seen on this subject. It's got to be a workout for the hands.

Damon Stone says:

Love the color combination. I have silver also and think the seats really make it. Where can I come pick up the original cover that you don’t need anymore.

Conner says:

What Badge of Honor Badges do you have?

rok bottom says:

Nice, ok how much $, or did I miss it? thx my friend.

Jason says:

Can you please do a video on mods that you think all 1st time jeep owners should get.

Lawrence Schifko says:

Are the hog rings provided or did you have to buy them?

LeatherSeats.com says:

Awesome video! The install turned out great!

Covey Shooter says:

Have you done a review on power dome hood? I am sure lots of jk owners want to upgrade the hood and have questions around the vents and how functional and address water concerns.

moab wheeling says:

Very nice !!! I like how they transformed the look of your interior !! And yes the smell of leather .

o3djeeps [ OVERCLOCK3D Jeeps ] says:

Wow.. nice! TBH.. I was expecting leather seat covers when I first saw this…. but this is the real deal! Great video!

mauiman52 says:

Love your DIY videos Brad. You take the fear away for a newbie in upholstering. Thank you!

ProRockJK says:

That looks nice

John Mantey says:

Great Job, Great Look, and Great How-To Video. Well Done.

Chuck Marshall says:

Nice video, lots of work. Do they put their logo on all their covers, or was this a promotional deal to save on your cost?

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