Jeep Wrangler JKU Power Stop Brake Install How To Plus Rugged Ridge XHD Wheels

Jeep Wrangler JKU Power Stop Brake Install How To Plus Rugged Ridge XHD Wheels

Finally the Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Upgrade for the Autoedits 2013 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon! Plus I get a set of Rugged Ridge XHD Aluminum wheels / rims with the steel trim rings to bolt on to the rig. Everything looks fantastic and performs flawless!
Go to the AutoEdits Amazon Storefront to find a great deal on this kit and many of the other upgrades I’ve made to the Jeep.×9-gun-metal-15301-30.html



AutoEdits says:

We have a winner of the Power Stop Brake Upgrade…
Congratulations to Hayley and Danny and their JKU!!!
Thanks to everyone for taking part!

brad allen says:

I bought these brakes last month. They feel great, it was a nice upgrade. The kit on Amazon had everything I needed!!! Thanks Jason for the recommendation and install video

PC Lotion says:

Damn ! Jeep only have one piston at front brake? No wonder why brake sucks lol! I got Toyota FJ Cruiser it got 4 pistons

Loarte tube says:

Jason how's the Z36 brakes holding up. I'm about to add about 500 pounds to my jeep. Do you still recommend the power stop or should I consider another brand? Thanks in advance Anthony

Kevin Farrow says:

I want one JK

Alan Phillips says:

I like the seating method, but who is able to go right from their garage to a long straight with no traffic or lights? I would have to drive 1 mile, have 3 traffic lights and moderate traffic. I want a set set for my Renegade Trailhawk, have been reading up on them and they are the ones to use.

Umair89 says:

Any advice for a weird squeak noise coming from front after install? Doesn’t happen when I brake only when I’m driving.

Umair89 says:

Just bought the setup for my Jeep!

Phillip Howland says:

I want these brakes! Too bad i didn't see this when it was made. I will have to buy my own.

Wesley Dean says:

I want these brakes…PLEASE!!!

Mike Carrington says:

I like your vids. You forgot to brake kleen the inside of the hat on the rear rotors where the e-brake contacts……essentially, you just oiled your e-brake pads

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