Jaguar F-Type Brake Pad DIY: Porterfield R4-S Review

Jaguar F-Type Brake Pad DIY: Porterfield R4-S Review

Tools needed are listed down below, thanks for watching!

This video gives a detailed Porterfield R4-S brake pad review and a complete DIY video on how to install them.

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Tools for job:
9mm hex:

Brake Cleaner:

Brake Lubricant:

Torque Wrench:

Camera equipment
Go Pro Action Camera:

Vlog setup with Microphone

Mic Adapter for GoPro



Williams Wanderer says:

Shit man, I'm sending this video to my mechanical shop so they can replace my brake pads and rotors for cheap (instead of dealer price). Thank you for showing me the brake maintenance mode!!!


Conner 2 questions: Could you explain the reversing of the Brake Maint System? You're say just reverse what you did to set it. So do i do the exact same thing again, because if I reverse it, it does't make sense, Also on the rear caliper, I didn't see where you had to push the piston back in to make the new pads fit. Is that piston hydraulic where you can just push it straight back or is it the twist and turn type?? If so which direction are your turning, Thanks Great Video!!

Ronald Lucas says:

Thanks for putting this video out, is it absolutely necessary to but the car in Brake maint. mode .

I'm going to do a brake pad replacement as well

Thanks Ron

Andrew Herman says:

A question I get asked often on my F Type is why doesn't it have drilled discs? Most high performance cars have these to assist on cooling so strange on the R they are not drilled. Any ideas on this? Thanks.

cobras559 says:

Great video man. Thanks for the review.
May try them in time. Hate the dust of the OEM pads.

Dave Evans says:

You've cracked it again Conner, great information as always.

The Car Guy Collective says:

Nicely done ! Will give you a shout out on my Instagram where we are connected @carguycollective

Kamogelo Mosime says:

You should line it up with a Jaguar f type on stock brake pads and do a brake test comparing the stock pads and the ones you added to your car

Isaiah Rowe says:

Great DIY ! How much longer do you think the r4 will last than the oem pads ? I just ordered some from R1 concept pads and rotors have you heard anything about those ?

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