How To Replace Brake Pads On a Jaguar XJR XJ6

How To Replace Brake Pads On a Jaguar XJR XJ6

Making sure your brake pads are in proper working condition. A car’s braking system is one of the most important components in your driving experience, as it’s the only thing keeping you from running over your Ex girlfriend. But most importantly getting into an accented.
1995-2003 Jaguar XJR/X300/XJ6/XJ8

REPAIR TIME: 30 Minutes Each Side

1. Front Brake Pads
2. Front Rotors
3. Front Bushing Kit
4. Front Caliper Clip
5. Guide Pin Bolt
6. Brake Lubricant
7. Brake Cleaner
8. Dot 4
1. Rear Brake Pads
2. Rear Rotors
3. Rear Bushing Kit
4. Rear Caliper Clip
5. Guide Pin Bolt

1. 7/8 Socket
2. 1/2 Ratchet
3. Socket Set
4. H7 Hex Socket
5. Locking Pliers
6. Brake Spreader
7. Wire Brush
8. Disposable Gloves
9. Floor Jack
10. Jack Stands

Caliper Guide Bolts… 18 to 36 lb. ft.
Wheel Nuts… 75 to 80 lb. ft.


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chris carroll says:

Very clear – love your vids. Any chance of a vid showing how to replace rear brake calipers?

Ayits Kam says:

hey i just bought an xj6 can you make a video of taking the fuel tanks out

Everette Singleton says:

My pads were too thick.

Marcus Grönqvist says:

8/7 hexsocket too remove the bolts?

Pedro’s Garage says:

Sweet! You got an XJR!?

Mitch Grooms says:

Great Job. I have a Jaguar XJR channel here too.

hphoto says:

Great vid XJ. Can we have a lower control arm bushing next?!

Kenneth says:

XJ Jesse was extremely thorough in his procedures. Most don't realize you need to loosen the brake master cylinder cap BEFORE you push the caliper piston back into their bores. That is a very critical step as well as cleaning the wheel speed sensor as preventative maintenance. Jaguar's are very electronically sensitive automobiles so keeping an eye on items such as these can save you a ton of headaches in the future. Great video.

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