How To Rebuild Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 Engine From Start to Finish:

How To Rebuild  Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 Engine From Start to Finish:

The Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 engine is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder diesel engine produced by Isuzu Motors. It is commonly found in Isuzu D-Max pickup trucks, as well as in some Isuzu Elf and Isuzu N-Series commercial vehicles. The 4JB1 engine has a cast iron cylinder block and aluminum cylinder head, and features indirect injection, overhead valves, and a single overhead camshaft. It produces up to 101 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque, depending on the year and model. The engine is known for its durability and reliability, making it a popular choice for both commercial and personal use.
Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 Engine Rebuild: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners”
“How to Rebuild Your Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 Engine: Expert Tips and Tricks”
“DIY Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 Engine Rebuild: Tools and Materials You Need”
“From Start to Finish: Rebuilding Your Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 Engine”
“Expert Engine Rebuild Techniques: Restoring Your Isuzu D-Max 4JB1 Engine’s Power”



@noneysam-qm8ln says:

kazi mazingira machafu na vifaa mnavyotumia kutoa sleve ni local na mnapofunga block hamtumii spana maalumu.

@takundanyirenda2907 says:

Good job gentlemen. I wish to see you guys doing a 1kd and 1kz in the future

@cheparfarm says:

Do you fix 4JG2 engines?

@fixkmtek6712 says:

Customer regions around the world are different. For example, Thailand began selling the Dmax 2002-2004 model, engine code. 4JA,4JH 2.5,3.0
2005-2006 common rail 4jk1-tc 2.5 116hp , 4jj1-tc 3.0 146hp/ 2007-2011 Add new model VGS Turbo 4jj1-tcx 3.0 -163hp + Air scoop
And the functionality is different around the world.

@qs8787 says:

Maybe an engine stand would be a good investment.

@MarcoMarcodis says:

Good job guys, so impressive

@user-ye6bm7tu7u says:

У*баны а не ремонтники

@frangel02 says:

I love this video and final result , impiric mecánic , excelente job , nice idling when the press accelerator waooo ❤

@grahamdelaney2762 says:

1. No Torque Setting on anything.
2. Stepped over the Sump Cover after applying sealant dropping stones/dirt/other items directly into the engine.
3. Bolts/nuts not set out in correct order. These must be place back into the location that they came or replaced if Incorrectly Torqued.
4. Allowing liquid into bolt holes. This will course cracks in steel when engine heats up.
A. Solutions to assist.
1. Obtain Torque Tools.
2. Use cardboard cutouts for each engine. Place the bolts onto holes so you can account for all nuts and bolts. If you receive all the nuts and bolts in a box due to someone other stripping the engine, by using the cutouts this will account for all items and no blame for you.
3. Place engine off ground on anything to prevent dirt or objects entering engine.
4. Air from push bike pump blow into bolt hole before putting bolts in.

I hope this helps. Well done so far and good luck into the future.

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Very impressive

@user-it9ou9wh9k says:

Where are you guys I want to bring my car

@oskararnarson says:

Can you repost this video with the narrator talking over the whole thing, explaining everything? That would be so amazing. Like: "The first thing you need to do is X and as you do that you need to keep in mind that…." etc

Great video, thanks.

@DemetriosZanettou says:

Why does it sound like it's about to throw a connecting rod?

@DemetriosZanettou says:

This is not a 2.8L 4JB1 which ceased production in 2002.
This is a 3.0L 4JJ1 (2004-2011)

@theomaina1455 says:

Your location?

@user-ii1iy8fz1d says:

dmax doesnt yave 4jb1. This is an engine swapped dmax?

@makholelamofilikoane8083 says:

wonderful work was it originally a 4JB1 or swapped coz I remember this shape to be D-teq 4Jk1s?

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Your contact please

@juliustobiko4718 says:

Your location

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Great job I love it

@samuelmburu7465 says:

Nice Isuzu fixit

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Bon travail

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