#infiniti #Q50 Blend Door Actuator Replacement : Fixing the drivers side air conditioning Install

#infiniti #Q50 Blend Door Actuator Replacement : Fixing the drivers side air conditioning Install

Only blowing Cold on the passenger side???? All Q50’s are plagued with the Blend Door Actuator motor going out, this is how you fix it!
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rich phero says:

I will find out if this works on the Infiniti M and Q70. I will let you guys know, in the repair manual that Infiniti has it says to do two things before removing the actuator.
1. Set the temperature of the cabin to 18 degree Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) afterwards discount the negative 12 volt battery terminal on the car. Then proceed to what he does. If not done there is a possibility that the blend door will be out of sync.

Riky Silverio says:

Can you make a video for the passenger side?

JLeon Rivera says:

Should be the same process on a q60 right?

Nic_Vapes says:

Going to replace this on my aunts car tomorrow

Maksym Radionov says:

Got problem with the passenger side..please help

Arty Litvinov says:

Mine is actually out in the driver side and have no idea where to find it

Jose Martin says:

I just did my q50 sedan 2017, no need to remove the side panel on the center console just the one under the steering wheel. Cause I tried it will not come off. It's screwed on, at the top. Unless you take the bottom steering wheel off first. For 2017.

S M says:

So I swapped out the actuator using this video now I went from not having ac in the driver side to only having ac on the driver side. I don’t have hot air … any ideas ?

matthew waldrup says:

I need passenger side. I cannot find any video online, or forums showing how to do passenger side. Both of mine are out.

Theo Lawrence says:

Just installed the new actuator. Your instructions were wonderful! Much appreciated.

In_10z says:

Thanks for the well done vid. Mine stopped working at about 50K miles (2014 Q50S). All fixed now and A/C working like a champ on both sides of the car.

Some comments just as I wrap up:
1) Ebay has the genuine Nissan part for $54.
2) The top screw of the actuator mount is really difficult to get to. Be prepared to work upside down on the floor board. You definitely want to tie the panel up and away from the floor as he showed in the vid. But they have mounting pins that holds the actuator lined up on the screw holes making it pretty easy to get the screw started although you're working blind.
3) I didn't see any mention of how to deal with the hood release cable in the vid. This is really irritating if you do not remove it.
4) Test it before you put all your panels back on. The less you snap panels in and out the better they fit along wit the risk of breaking a plastic tab.
5) You guys who are pulling this off in 20 minutes are good! It took me 45.

Ethan Robb says:

I have the hot and cold problem and a water rushing sound in dash could this be because of the same thing?

James Villar says:

I have a 2014 Qx60 hybrid. Is it the same actuator and location?

Ghustryder says:

You got yourself a new subscriber. Thanks man, love your enthusiasm and keep it up.

The CHiii says:

Do I need to unplug my battery ?

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