Infiniti M35 – Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Infiniti M35 –  Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

It is important to note that the Infiniti M35 and M35x take a different wheel bearing (different part number). However, the installation will be the same for both vehicles. Let me know if you have any additional questions.




James of All trades says:

Damnnnnn shout out to my blue Infiniti crew. You and me might be the only 2 with the twilight blue color.

1mackzilla says:

You did a good job with the video no matter what about the abs sensor or e brake comment. Its great people are taking the time to help out people that work hard for their money and try to save every way they can ! Thank you Bro !

don684 says:

Just a couple of suggestions. Remove the ABS sensor before trying to remove the old bearing. Like the post just below mine says. If you don't you will break it. If you do Rock Auto sells them for about $100.00 vs Infiniti dealers at $300.00. Instead of a chisel b/w the splash shield to remove the old bearing back off the bolts that hold the bearing on. Have both front wheels off the ground. You can then use your chisel turned the opposite way to tap the bolts with a big hammer. The reason you have both wheels off the ground is so you can turn your wheel for easier access to those bolts to tap on them to get the old bearing out. Once out clean the the
the hole with a brush /sandpaper and put no seize on the new bearing before installing. Then tighten the bolts, you can use the old ones to draw the bearing into place. Make sure you put the bearing in properly with the sensor hole in the same location as before. While you have the splash guard off you might as well sand it a bit and repaint with black rust paint. They rust a lot. That little f**king bolt that holds the sensor on the alloy section of the suspension has a nasty habit of breaking off. If you do break it this is what I did. Get an automatic centre hole punch and then drill out the old bolt. I tried taping the hole but the sensor hole is quite small and I tapped it too large. Plan B, I found a plastic fastener that fitted the hole and held the sensor on securely and that worked. No issues I put it in six months ago. I checked when I did my winter tire change over recently, holding solidly. Rock auto is also a good source for a good price on the bearing.

jan williams says:

Great video this helped instill some confidence in me. Thanks

Demetria Major says:

I drive a 2006 Nissan Fuga 3.5 L. 4WD and was told it is equivalent to the Infiniti M35. I'm not sure now if it would be the wheel bearings for the M35 OR M35X that i need to purchase. Can you please help me?

pweilnau says:

Thanks for creating this video. Just paid an Infiniti dealer a significant fee to do the same job. But I can see it going poorly if I had tried to do it myself.

a Williams-Shieldwatch says:

the reason the brake pads and rotors were so hard to come off is due to the fact he has the e brake on

Karl Smith says:

I had those same wheels on my BMW 7 series

Darkeyce says:

I really suggest you remove the ABS sensor BEFORE you pull the hub out. Snapping that sensor off will really change your outlook on the whole effort. I think it's a 10mm, just be aware that the bolt holding the sensor isn't super hard so be aware not to twist it off.

Matthew Esraelo says:

Great tutorial bro thank you

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