How To Replace The Radiator 2008-2012 Infiniti EX 35

How To Replace The Radiator 2008-2012 Infiniti EX 35

In this video I will show you step by step how to remove and replace the radiator on a 2008-2012 Infiniti EX35 This truck is a 2010 .



Nonalee Roman says:

YOU ALWAYS DO A HALF ASS JOB. LEAVING OUT THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO NEEDED. Like here, how is the coolant getting back into the vehicle and getting the air out the system? Its the same on your other videos, NEVER A COMPLETE JOB. What kind of a mechanic are U? BYE. Such a waste of time.

Michael Prom says:

Instructions unclear I broke the ac condenser

AsianDude504 says:

Great video! Was it possibly not to remove the radiator fan for the job? Look like the same process for the Infiniti m56x.

R P says:

@Jimthecarguy: Hey Jim! I own a 08 EX35. Worked perfectly and today out of nowhere it started stuttering/shrugging, my RPM indicator started flickering, and 15seconds later I see smoke from the exact spot you mentioned @ 1:02 in this video. I took it for diagnosing to Infiniti service & they are asking for $2,500 USD for the fix (parts and labour). They say I have a cracked radiator, and the pipes need to be replaced, etc…

What do you think Jim? Is that $2,300 fair?

JLR says:

How long does this job take typically?

Sabroso Lopez says:

How hard is it to work on infinitis compared to other cars?

Mark Welch says:

I have a 2010 FX35 and I assume the process is the same, but if I am not mistaken I have an oil cooler as well just I front the condenser

Nick Nicu says:

Great job! The only thing I would've done differently is to remove the radiator and fans as an assembly and just detach the condenser. There's no way I would've evacuated the AC system,even though the manual calls for it!

George Heri says:

Typical Infinity, JIm  if you had to change a cooling fan would it come out toward the engine or thru the front . if so ,same process right? Nice job.

wysetech2000 says:

That job was a real pain in the rear end but you made it look easy. Another well done job.

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