How to Install an Infiniti and Nissan Power Seat Gear

How to Install an Infiniti and Nissan Power Seat Gear

Power Seat Gear Repair Video for Infiniti and Nissan.

Part #: MotorKing G002 Power Seat Gear

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David Tufino Photography says:

After the fic its nice and silent. Mine works fine but makes that loud noise you got in the beginning of the video.

Nick Rivera says:

Maybe use a single word. Zero explanation and speeding through is not really helpful

Nico Pineda says:

Useless video

julio armenta says:

Great video thanks alot.

D Nice says:

Would’ve actually been a good video if you would’ve took time and explained what you where doing

flipmode00 squad says:

man oh man I need to do mine now SMH

shortlinet says:

I just did this on my fx35 you will need a 14 mm socket for the seats and a 10mm socket for the drive gear also a Phillips screwdriver and a set of channel locks. Once you get the gears replaced you will have to adjust the seat runners so the left and the right are the same before putting the motor back in. Also once you have put the seat back in plug in the seat and make sure it works then run it all the way back install the front bolts then run it all the way forward and tighten the rears. Make sure you disconnect the battery so you don’t set off the airbags!

Formaldya Hyde says:

Hello out there in broken power seat land. Thank you for the video, however, why not describe verbally what and why you are doing. I know you can do audio.. I can hear the noises in the background. Are you shy?

mbt85 says:

damn my 2007 cadillac escalade ext have the same issue, hope it will fix it

J W says:

Best to tell us what and why you are doing something. What is broken and common causes…In this case a picture is not worth a thousand words…

bflex84 says:

what size socket did you use to remove the nut?

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