How to Install a Factory Spoiler on 2015 INFINITI Q 50 S

How to Install a Factory Spoiler on 2015 INFINITI Q 50 S


Something a little different in this video. Tim and I walk through the steps to install a factory spoiler on a 2015 INFINITI Q50 S

The installation is not difficult, IT DOES REQUIRE DRILLING INTO THE TRUNK. IF you are not comfortable with this then please research having the dealership install it or perhaps a body shop.

With that said, the instructions are very thorough and picture diagrams help. The only item that is not included but required is the anti rust product.

PSC, Tectyl 517:

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Russell Scott says:

Screwed in rear diffuser, felt like had to for gaps. But this deck spoiler?.. just used 3m double sided. Don't think I could screw in my trunk. Does dealership/infiniti always screw these in or do they use double sided tape too?

Gabriel Loza says:

Hey question, What size bits when installing the oem spoiler for q50? Helpful vid btw!

日産スカイライン says:

Good video for people that want to DIY this. For me though, I can do most DIY on cars but I would never have the balls to drill onto the car. With the price to buy this OEM lip spoiler and the stress to put it on, its not worth in my opinion. This is why people spend only $150 for Ebay CF lip spoiler and make that shit stick with 3M tape.

Amir says:

So the first thing you need is a tim i need me a tim

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