2016 Infiniti QX50 Record headlight high beam – How to Install LED bulbs?

2016 Infiniti QX50 Record headlight high beam –  How to Install LED bulbs?

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Replacing the stock halogen high beams with LASFIT LEDs, not only improves visibility at night, but also gives your car a new modern look. It’s an easy job. You need to find high beam bulbs location, disconnect the power cable. Then take out the oem halogen bulbs – install the LED bulbs on – connect the power cable. That’s all.

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Jay Yao says:

i have 2017 qx 50 after checked owner manual it says low beams (Halogen) H11

high beams (Halogen) h9 so from your video is that mean i can use h11 for both high / low beams ?

BisdakYoda Chewy says:

Any instructions on how to change the low beams? I have a 2017 QX50

David Lai says:

How about the H11 low beam?

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