Hyundai Santa Fe – Replace Front Wheel Bearings

Hyundai Santa Fe – Replace Front Wheel Bearings

This video should cover changing your front wheel bearings on your 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe. It should cover all model ranges, all engine types and FWD or AWD applications. It will go through all the steps, and address some of the problems you may encounter while working.

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Kc Codding says:

lame and poor job…your fired

Bad x ShutDown says:

I really with these bolt on hubs were standard for hyundai models. My sonata is a pressed in hun/bearing and has been a pain in the ass to work with

andrey gigalov says:

Thanks man! It was awesome and simple explanation. Continue make a video

Brad Sheppard says:

how do i know if this is what i need to do?? my whole hub assemble has play…hate to watch this video and do it and itnot be the problem.? help please

Denis Eftemie says:

Thank you sir you have been very helpful 4 me.

stan an says:

Wow, really impressive video. Great camera work to everything you are doing and your detailed instructions are awesome. Really nice job and thanks for making this video!

Brick8799 says:

Great looking video. Glad it's pretty straight forward, like by buddies jetta that I helped with recently. Bolt on bearings seems so much easier!

dan o says:

today i attempted to replace an axle on an 08 and the spline was froze inside the wheel bearing. so i put it back together to gather up some ideas. this video shines a lot of light on the subject. i'll go back at it next weekend. thank you.

Joselito Rodriguez says:

Good job sir

dragon7060 says:

Thanks for the video well done..

J. Koz says:

Thank you again,

I am sorry to bother you, have you ever experience a car with no Crank but when you go through the shifter(park, netrual,drive) and then it starts. this problem just started and is intermitant, but i am worried.

J. Koz says:

Runs great!!!! Thanks again.. I did place a colder pin in. The car just flows. This Video Really Helped. I beat the storm!

J. Koz says:

Cool. Great video. My torque only goes to 150

J. Koz says:

I don't know if you are there. The washer. Is it like a lock washer? I am actually about to put the bearing on. But I noticed the wash is cracked like a lock washet

J. Koz says:

Can I pick your brain on two questions regarding this:
1> How do you deal with stripped bolts?? (just in case)
2> I usually jack up one side to do this, is that ok?

Anyone who has 2007 santa fe should look at this video, very important…no garage, Saturday should be fun.

J. Koz says:

Thanks, I am shaking in my boots…great video!!!!

J. Koz says:

Great video. I am worried. I hate doing this…on my channel I have the sound

daniel says:

Mine were replaced on car and they still sound as if they're bad, any ideas? They were bad to begin with, they fell apart

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