How to replace change Headlight bulbs in Hyundai Santa fe 2013-2018

How to replace change Headlight bulbs in Hyundai Santa fe 2013-2018

Hi, I this video You will see how to replace change remove headlight bulbs i 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Hyundai SAnta fe .



Bobye Holt says:

I’m gonna give this a shot! Looks super easy! Thanks so much!

Yvonne Williams says:

Saved me $90 thanks

AT Bragdots says:

Seems weird, because another channel had a DS3/silver box holding the HID bulb, so, I'm confused. He also needed to remove 2 screws from that box .. which requires him to take the blasted headlight housing completely off the car ?!

Chris Kosti says:

DON'T touch the Bulb (Glas) with fingers or other parts of the skin. The skin is (natural) greasy, this will kill the Glas from the Bulb if it gets hot!

Sky Hamzic says:

Omgggg thank youuuu this was sooo helpful

Dennis & Lisa Qiu says:

Thank you so much. Very helpful.

Joe Middleton says:

Very helpful. Removing the diagnostic pack by simply unscrewing worked best. This was the first video I found for replacing this bulb, and the only one I needed. $15 bulb and 10 minutes of my time. Easy!

Glaring Through Oblivion says:

I can’t get the fucking diagnostic cable out of the goddamn way

Mike Cherniwchan says:

Not the same for the 2013 low beam drivers side.

CP says:

Thanks very much. You save my day. Continue you good work.

Noledad77 says:

I have a 2015 and the only similarity is the cover. The bulb housing and connection is completely different.

Saf says:

What size bulb is this?

Abdullah As says:

What type of bulb you have? on my car Grand Santa fe there is H7 with an adaptor

Ace Diamond Vargas says:

Thanks you what type of bulb do you need for the low and high beam. Thanks

Dennis Hu says:

does this work with led headlight conversion?

unknownsamoan01 says:

thank you brother!

Scott J. Parisi says:

Great video. What a hassle with that diagnostic box. Thank you

Dennis Hu says:

Can I do this to switch it to LED headlights?

Jigsaw's Workshop of Puzzles says:

Extremely helpful. #clutch

Edwards El Mago says:

How I can change the white light of the top.! The longer as a teal..??

bunso ali says:

Thanks very helpful

Robert Brandywine says:

Is this for the Santa Fe Sport also?

Sheri Moreau says:

Thanks so much – I can do this! 🙂

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