How to replace ball joint on HYUNDAI GETZ 1 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace ball joint on HYUNDAI GETZ 1 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace ball joint / suspension ball joint on HYUNDAI GETZ 1 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
Top brands that produce ball joint: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN WEZEL, VALEO, LuK, MAPCO, A.B.S., ATE.

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spankeyfish says:

Yeah, try taking the ball joint nut off with an open spanner on a 10+ year old car…

Peter J says:

Thanks for the video, it helps alot
Now i have another problem, its the engine check light is always on, it seems the o2 sensor have problem, how to check which one is the problem, i have replace the one on top, but the engine check light still on. Please help.

Carlo Anthony says:

How do I replace knock sensor on Hyundai Getz 2007, is there a tutorial for that ?

Ahmed Haggag says:

I laughed when he missed the snap ring LOL 😀 3:45

Paul cherry says:

Wow wish you were closer have you do my ball joint in my car pay ya 100 a hour considering it took you eleven minutes geez

JM Luab says:

requiting to please make tutorial video tutorial of hyundai getz:

– serpentine/drive belts tightining
– valve clearance adjustment
– replacement of timing belt

alan01256 says:

Did he ever find the retaining clip? 🙂

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