We take you through our install process on this Hummer H3 Installer Dairies 141

We take you through our install process on this Hummer H3   Installer Dairies 141

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jeremy nichols says:

Those tweeter mounting brackets = pro level x 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Nicholas Bennett says:

is it a good idea to foam/fill the back of my 12 sub box

Nicholas Bennett says:

So I would like to install a pair of qty pnl kick pods that would hold 6 inch alpines then a pair of 8 inch alpines in the lower qty doors. then support them with a 5 channel amp 1 for the sub 4 for the new speakers

Timothy Peeler says:

You should really budget in a pair of Rockford Fosgate P2P3G-12 Speaker Grilles. Protection for Rear Fill.

Jason Myjak says:

I know this post is old, Notice most you're installs do not use fused distribution block.. What's the advantage or disadvantage? What's you're input..

BOSSREG.com says:

Can you please give product list of your install on this please as I have a Hummer H3 and looking for upgrade especially the door speakers?

Rodrigo Rodriguez says:

What model on amp

Gustavo Espinoza says:

You guys are Awesome!!.. I've learned tons from you guys. I just installed all my speakerssubs and amp in my 2011 Durango. It sound great thanks to all your tips. I do have a quick question, though. While installing all the wiring, I'm short about 2-3ft on RCAs cable from where I like to permanently install my amps. Will it be ok to install RCA barrels and an extension? or will this compromise the sound quality ? Thank you guys.

Joe Blo says:

Can we have a video with more detail on adjusting the amp gains? I didn't understand why you would adjust the sub to 7db or so.

Joe Blo says:

If the T2 doesn't fit, you must (a)quit.

Joe Blo says:

You named 3 of my top 4 favorites rock bands, but you left out Led Zeppelin.

Mike Mccabe says:

"Do U Rear Fill Bro!!" I want that as a shirt

Womb Raider says:

Love the detailed install video! You guys are the best!

Mike Guillory says:

Fantastic job! On everything…the install, the filming, the editing, the explanations. I'm sure it took a lot more work to go in depth like you did, but it didn't go unnoticed. I've watched every episode of Install Diaries, 1-140, and they are all great, but it would be cool to see more videos like this periodically. Do you even rear fill, bro? lol

pimpdaddywithoutthecaddy capone says:

great as always

tankdog03 says:

what plug do I need for a 2006 Silverado with bose amplifier.. I want to bypass the bose amp without having to run all new wires, if I have to T in the tweets upfront that's no problem.. I'm adding a pioneer 8604.. I would like to get it ordered right away.. is it the metra 70-2054? will that work in my situation? I seen u make a bypass harness but don't remember which video.. BHA2002/3?

Jose Desveladas says:

What harness is that for the rear?

luis Maldonado says:

Fernando seria super si tu crearas un canal de you tube y tradujeras toooooodo lo que dice Dean….y te prometo que todo el público de habla hispana te seguiría…ojala lo tomes en cuenta …muchas gracias y éxitos.

jmaslin says:

2hrs….. I'm down for that LOL, coffee on me

Trevor Wright says:

Love the show

_ REDGTCS says:

got rearfill? In the got milk? Font

Jeff Farley says:

After watching several FSCS vids, I'm half tempted to redo my HU's wiring harness job. It was done by a shop, and it's a rat's nest back there. I only know because I've had to get back there to troubleshoot another botched job on the "install". Everything else with the system is fine right now, but knowing what's back there bugs me. Especially after seeing such craftsmanship on this channel. Knowing it could look tidy and probably be safer, is motivating to go scratch that itch. Is that OCD?

William Price says:

I love your philosophy. Do it right the first time!!

master fabricator says:

Why this install so much different than the last hummer you guys did?

Steve Weston says:

Good job on the video, I liked the extra information

J B says:

Rock en español!

Cesar C says:

Lmao that crow was loud

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