The Hummer is Back

The Hummer is Back

The Hummer is Back, DIY and SUV review with Scotty Kilmer. General Motors is planning to make a new Electric Hummer coming soon. Humvee review. Is the Hummer H1, Hummer H2, or Hummer H3 reliable? Why did they stop making hummers? Are Hummers good cars? Is Hummer still being made? Is Hummer worth it? Buying a Hummer. Should I buy a Hummer? Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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Kieth_Singleton2011 Singleton says:

Yeah I have my 93Toyota Corolla oil changed and I told him put 3.2 quarts of oil in and when I got home I realized when it was not feeling right they had 5 quarts of oil in it. I was able before to go a month before I put a quart of oil in my engine since it has 250,000 miles now but now it's weekly.

Travis Sothman says:

??? I have a 16 Elantra that takes a few seconds to shift into gear when I go from reverse to drive

CRP says:

The H1 served a purpose but it was built for the government so good enough was the mind set there along with we will sell many replacement parts. Sorry, service guys are trained to replace parts not fix things. It is a good off road vehicle though.

H2? Crap. I knew a guy back a while ago and he had an H2 along with a Ford. Quote, the H2 won't tow my boat so I use the Ford for that. ???? The H2 wasn't good looking why did people by them???

I think there was an H3 that was total crap?

I also thought the Chinese bought the rights to the name?

EV Hummer? It will be crap.

Omega Pain says:

To hell with electric vehicles.

Patrick Debellefeuille says:

Looks like a coupe SUV to me, a 2 seater SUV REALLY?!!!

Office Productions says:

Just got a ls430 and I love it

Razvan Mihaeanu says:

"The Hummer is back"
Don't do that. Don't give me hope, Scotty.

judge crater says:

Like Dracula, you cannot kill the Hummer.

Keith Maxwell says:

Another reason was they were EXPENSIVE that one looks cool but electric? it needs a regular running gear

Talha Dhami says:

Hummer is back with outfit of fj cruiser

Flat Earther says:

Mitsubishi's are pretty decent cars it can last for a really long time!

My uncle owned one it lasted for more than 350000miles. More than 6 years.Still no error when he sold it!

CalisRemedy says:

It’s crazy because I really want a V8 Lexus

Larry Kramer says:

What is better about a low-end Lexus 6 cyl as compared to a Camry 6 cyl?

Nick Hayes says:

Sounds like a big coal hog.

Baphomet Azrael says:

What’s the definition of irony? Making a Hummer into an electric vehicle

Robert Lucas says:

I have 2 questions: which transmission was better in the 2008-2011 Focus: standard or the automatic? Also, ever since about 6 months or so after we got our front brakes replaced in our 2008 Focus, we can hear kind of like an uneven rubbing or scraping sound during braking, especially on firm stops (I don't quite know how to explain it, it sounds like the two combined). I saw your video on grinding brakes, and that isn't the sound or conditions the noise is. What could be the problem? And would you prefer I take a video and send you the link via email?

Stealth89 the great says:

Hummer as a electric truck. That i can see something that i would buy

obsolete optics says:

Pick two

DeadlyBreath9790 says:

6:18 your welcome

Cogitationes caecae says:

Should be called a "Homer"

fastfed f says:

10's of people will buy it

1968CudaGuy says:

Ford came out with the new Ranger in 2019 and they are going to become endless money pits.

D Realist says:

Umm lost me at electric!

Archiie Barrett says:

Fully electric cars are not the future. These things are too expensive and do not have longevity. These companies are making these vehicles for the wrong reasons. What a waste.

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