CherryBomb Extreme Muffler Install | Hummer H2

CherryBomb Extreme Muffler Install | Hummer H2

I Installed a CherryBomb Extreme Muffler on our Hummer H2!

UPDATE VIDEO: Go Watch It!!! Drive By Sounds, In-Cab Sound, Cold Start Plus More!!

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Reed Foster says:

Want to get right to the point? Skip to 13:39

Craig Watson says:

Nice H2 im going to get a H2 someday

Richard Skipper says:

Sounds terrible just like any other flow master style muffler does.

Aaron Presley says:

I love how he said the loudest you can get but sorry kid it’s not you should look at flowmaster

john hershey says:

Sounds good

Paul Hopkins says:

Lol the definition of inept. That muffler is going to fall off

700 pitbull says:

Shit dude the chick a MILF lol

sean says:

Save maybe 20 bucks from just taking to the muffler shop and having it welded in right
All that work to save 20 bucks

Corey Andersen says:

Not very good with a sawzall i see haha

Anthony Tucker says:

Your mom's kinda hot

Terrell Harris says:

How much does the cherry bomb cost?

JOHN MAC says:

Is that a complete kit you can buy? or did you make up the kit.I can't find it anywhere.

Tim Travasos says:

I would recheck all the connections an clamps. Not good.

Tim Travasos says:

4 hours later….

Tim Travasos says:

What an amateur.

Tim Travasos says:

Looks like he's ready to install it backwards.

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