Tutorial How to P0325 Knock sensor replacement Honda DIY

Tutorial How to P0325 Knock sensor replacement Honda DIY

Tutorial on how to replace a bad knock sensor.
Code P0325 Meaning:
Knock sensors are solely used for the purpose of sensing when your engine is “knocking,” or sensing when there is exploding in the air/fuel mixture in a way that delivers less power and can also damage the engine if prolonged. When the engine “knocks” there is an excessive amount of NOx that is released. When trouble code P0325 is set, this means that the knock sensor 1 in Bank 1 is not operating properly.

– Check Engine Light
– Loss of engine power
– No noticeable drivability issues

– Faulty knock sensor
– Engine is running excessively lean
– Faulty or damaged knock sensor wiring
– Engine coolant system fault



traskalas says:

maybe you can measeure old and new sensor resistance?

Just Looking says:

Great video. Full explanation and step by step. Mostly good images too. Thank you.

Jeff Jones says:

I used to manufacture the Knock sensor Body on a multispindle turning machine in the 1990`s when I worked for TRW 🙂

carp catcher81 says:

I've done mine yesterday and again last week.so put two sensors in it And I've still got the eml light on I have a honda stream with the same engine.. Cant seem to get the light off. I don't have a computer like you but I've reset the ecu by pulling fuse and disconnecting the battery. But after about 5 mins driving the light just comes back on.

Daniel Irving says:

Great video! Easy step by step.


WhatTube says:

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