How to replace a outer CV axle boot on a Honda.

How to replace a outer CV axle boot on a Honda.

Replacement of a outer axle boot on a 2001 Honda Civic. This procedure is the same for all Honda’s and many other makes.

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Efren Saclolo says:

That grease is a special grease that won't harm the rubber over time like a silicon paste for rubber?

PepsiMan says:

Good video. clear and it’s not over complicated

Amando Salgado says:

How much is this at the dealer? I have to replace them on my Honda Civic 2015.

RZA77 says:

do you guys wash your rags after jobs like this or do you toss them?

pavel dobrii says:

Before the last yoke the air had to be released from the boot, with air in the interior will not last long

KuvHlubStephanie says:

awesome video! Great job at showing and explaining.

ALOHA. AK says:

Aloha awesome video very effective. Thank You!

Motion Design Studio says:

The specialty tool used in this video to tighten the metal band is “CV Joint Banding Tool Manufacturer: Lisle Manufacturer Part No.: 30950”. You can also use "Universal Automotive CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers Banding Crimper Tool Ear Type".

John Kirwan says:

Help on getting it off the vehicle would be great. All you are showing is the easy stuff that anyone can do.

Greyman86 says:

Can this be done with the axle still in situ.?

CNT says:

You do not want to hit that race with a hammer at 1:41 if it is a customer's car – if it is your own you can hit with hummer, brick, or whatever else you like. Honda requires a tech to use a sliding hammer attached to the threads with an adapter, the tool is 07936-5790001 if you care to know what it looks like. Any sliding hammer will do it if you spend 30 min to fabricate an adapter…

truejey 747 says:

Hi where do i get that tool from ?

Mike Kollin Conscious Power says:

My mechanic Changed my Left Front Axle. And now it's pulling to the right. Before it was perfect. New Tires about 6 weeks, ran perfect, no pull, easy to turn, etc. Now it's pulls to the right and is stiff steering. And yes, I went to get Alignment done the next day after he changed Axle. Still pulls a bit right n stiff. Any thoughts? He says it's tread pull… but it didn't have tread pull before he changed axle.

mrwobbly69 says:

Thanks very much for your video, very helpful.

Herbert Jones says:

Thanks for this video. Straight forward, step by step, and effective.

RoyalHD says:

Great video man! 😀

Jamie Boreham says:

This is the best diy video I've ever watched, zero pissing around. Great job

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