How To Replace a Honda K Series Serpentine Belt Tensioner

How To Replace a Honda K Series Serpentine Belt Tensioner

Is your Honda K series making a horrible screeching noise? It might be the serpentine belt tensioner. In this video I show you how to replace a bad serpentine belt tensioner on a Honda K series engine. I’m doing this job in a 2004 Honda Element, but this method should work for most Honda K series engines.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the info on my former tensioner that went bad. This is the one I replaced it with.

Dayco Tensioner:

Hopefully it lasts longer than its predecessor. For best results, I recommend the Honda part, but it does come at a price.

Honda Tensioner:;et=2%2c5)&Location=engine-mounting-bracket,3066271,4

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Long 12-14mm wrench:

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Gary Burgess says:

Can you post a video of how to replace a clutch if you get that opportunity. Thanks

Boris Fett says:

I like the changes you made to how you edit with the bolt sizes and multiple camera angles.

carjunkie chuck says: i have a 92 c1500 4.3 v6 that randomly looses power i did a tune uo rebuilt the tbi with new injectors replaced fuel system i really need some help it also has new temp sensor,tps,map,egr valve, and no check engine light

Troy Smith says:

I changed my 08 crv tensioner from underneath, did not have to take the mount off

Peter says:

This looks a lot easier than it used to be on my 2003 Acura TL.

Great video.

Heriberto Gomez says:

I'm glad he came back to make videos

Thermalstorm says:

I'm so cheap I'd take the old tensioner take off the bearing seals and re pack with quality grease. Won't work as long as a new part but cheaper fix of course.

Danny C says:

I recently did one on a Toyota 2zz, what a nightmare. Similar in the fact you have to dismount the engine, but the tensioner is just a retarded design, rather than using a spring, it uses a hydraulic damper to hold tension. In addition to that, a nut is stamped on the aluminum assembly where you put a steel socket onto it to release an incredible amount of tension with almost no clearance. Well, with that type of force, aluminum gives first and the pos thin tensioner tool I was using broke and rounded the nut which is part of the tensioner assembly. So I had to order a new tensioner, get a long ass 19mm wrench, eat the cost of the first one, and do it all over again several days later. If you have a 2zz, man just take it to a shop and save yourself the stress.

llamedos R says:

Why haven't you got s show on discovery?

dave1135 says:

Be nice if you could just replace the pulley and bearing, without having to buy a tensioner assembly, but, it looks like you'd still have to remove the tensioner to change the bearing, and since it's off anyway, might as well do the whole unit…unless this was Honda's diabolical plan to sell tensioners…lol

NSFW 404 says:

Love your videos man

ManzanaresDaniel says:

That Milwaukee tool on the hood, is that a light? Is it any good?

Parker Scholz says:

It's good to see that you're trying new things. The new thumbnails really pop. Good video Eric.

bassfisher_15 says:

Will the 1 year oil change be in June?

Rick M says:

Roughly how long does the light under the hood last on a single charge?

Michael John says:

Eric you seem like a dude I’d have a beer with. Thanks for all the videos and great info. You have helped me get through Yamaha Marine University. I always use you and Scanner Danners videos for studying and reference material. I’m a avid subscriber and always like your vids. Thanks again for taking the time to do all this. You are a damn good tech and instructor.
Mike ,Stillwater Marine ATL Georgia.

asm154 1 says:

Was a matter of time before Milwaukee constructed a new lightsaber.

Dave Blane says:

what an old clunker!

winter reeves says:

QUESTION, I'm 17 and love working on cars, I don't no much and when my parents got a new car they gave me there old 1997 Kia sportage which was barely running. I did some work and replaced a bunch of stuff and it runs pretty good now, EXCEPT the throttle stays engaged after I let my foot of the gas, Any Tips Eric????

David Curlee says:

I'm wondering if the tensioner is bad on my Element. The whole block has slight vibration when the AC is switched on. Nobody seems to know why. Ideas?

BeingInTheMessiah says:

I want the one year oil analysis using the mobile 1 oil

animal16365 says:

My belt and tensioner are still original on my Celica. And it's a 2002

cisa93 says:

Went through many Dayco-brand tensioners, They’ve gotten worse over the years and their bearings are absolute garbage. Even some of their tent your pulleys are plastic when they shouldn’t be. I have found myself not been able to find certain tensioners but been able to remove the bearings and find tensioner bearing’s from manufacturers like Koyo or Timken. I’ve also been fortunate with Continental tensioner, but if all else fails, go with OE.

Doe Joe says:

great vid Eric keep them coming

Olfway12991 says:

"Bit of penetrating oil on this long stud"

jMon says:

didn't know it was okay to lift the engine by the oil pan

Sannes Junk Drawer says:

Did I see the Fairmont with the original hubcaps and no cage? From the archives?

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