How to replace 2005 Honda Accord clutch pedal–install-repair

How to replace 2005 Honda Accord clutch pedal–install-repair

Is your clutch pedal broken ? The welds on my pedal bracket broke while driving . I fixed it in about 30 Mins. Very Easy Fix!
My local Honda Dealer Wanted over $185 for a new one! + Labor
Here is the part on Amazon—-
Save a lot of money by installing it yourself!

This video is for a 2005 Honda accord MT Coupe
And this fix applies to 03′-06′ models



SAND MAN says:

Exact same weld just snapped on my 2005 Accord clutch pedal bracket. Amazing. Thank you for posting this video!

Brady Solaem says:

Left the seat in second go around

Brady Solaem says:

Extension and a swivel 12mm and an impact ratchet wrench

Brady Solaem says:

Pretty common it seems buddy's went out so far every k series he got broke the clutch bracket lol waiting on welds to be complete to reinstall I fixed the last one but he said it was soft feeling I heard it creacking weeks before hand

labattsipa says:

Had that happen to me also.. 2007 model. Heard it pop in the driveway .. Had the bracket out and rewelded it and installed back in and was only 2 hrs late for work.

James Lund says:

Why disconnect the battery, just have to reset the radio again?

Nel Sahn says:

Did that broken piece stop your car from entering gear

-FixCarsDiY - says:

Here is the Honda Genuine Part on Amazon
its much cheaper than getting it at the dealer

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