How To Install A Turbo Kit – Honda Civic, Integra, Del Sol

How To Install A Turbo Kit – Honda Civic, Integra, Del Sol

Today we are gonna show you how to install a turbo kit step by step. I tried to show you how quickly while also giving some important tips. Hopefully it worked out well. These instructions are pretty much the same on any D series or B series car. Civic, Del Sol, Integra, CRX, Wago. All pretty similar just with small differences. Check out the videos below for a closer look and links to each piece on eBay.

Turbo Kit Unboxing –

Intercooler Piping Kit Unbox –

Turbocharger Unboxing –


802 Garage –


Motor Nubs –

Wide Open Throttle Garage –

Monkey Wrenching –

RatchetBuilds –

Just Boost It –

Early Evo Garage –

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How to install a turbo on a non turbo car .

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Cameron Engle says:

Typical Honda guys, owns a lift but not an oil caddy

Asem Elmagboul says:

Will a Honda Civic turbo kit work on a integra

Troy Garcia says:

How much for a del sol turbo build

Brian Velez says:

Utter man of class and culture just rocking an aheago shirt that’s BDE

Key Brazy says:

would this be the same for a automatic?

ivanlee ocasio says:

Did you guys even prime the turbo?

Jupanu L says:

Hentai and car's dammm man you are a GOD ;))

Alberto Dasilva says:

Would you install a turbo on my Honda Sol and how much will it cost

midnight built. says:

It reminds me of a early 2000s turbo build

Money Moves says:

What would happen if you ran it without a basemap?

Aeonian says:

Ac delete? Ive been looking to purchase a delsol and it has a dseries swapped in it w turbo. I was wonder if a AC could still be installed in it? Sorry for the out of context question, just you seem to know what the heck youre doing and understand that not everyone is made of money. Haha. Thank you for your time.

wolfpack0321 says:

How much does build cost you?

Origon Films says:

Happens to be that his shirt is as interesting as his car.

Origon Films says:

Nice shirt. Also thanks for showing us how to install a turbo kit.

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