Honda Cruise Control Fix With A Penny

Honda Cruise Control Fix With A Penny

If you own a Honda, this is a quick and simple tip on a possible fix for your Honda cruise control that appears to not be working. This may work on other makes of vehicles, but for sure on Honda’s.

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Amadeo Sanchez says:

Jaja really going to try this see if it works

Arvinthan Nadar says:

What model odyssey’s would this fix work for? I can not seem to find the brake push pin you mention in video

Neil Cowan says:

So I'm thinking the brake lights must be on all the time if the brake switch is not working properly. … that is probably a bigger issue that a non-functioning cruise control.

Lj Viper says:

Thanks buddy. This tip worked on my 99 Acura CL.

Jerry B. says:

Looks like my push pin is going out and in pretty efficient, but could the problem also be with a fuse?

iamlegendgt500 says:

Thanks man. It worked on my 1994 acura integra Ls model. 5spd. Put a penny and tape on the brake and clutch pin.

Cody Austin says:

The rubber pad on my 2002 CR-V wasn't even indented from the push pin but I went ahead and did this anyway… and it has worked wonders for it! I'm surprised it works flawlessly now because like I said, that rubber pad looked quite new. Thanks for the video.

jsk97jsk97 says:

Worked. 1 cent fix.

Materva says:

It works thanks. I used a buffalo nickel so I can cruise like the elites!

Nebuchadnezzar says:

This video helped but when I went to look a penny was already there lol. Turns out the button is adjustable. I untwisted the button then compressed it so is was all the way down when the break is off then locked it back into place.

Hope this helps

Jake Browne says:

Or you could just adjust the switch or replace the rubber knob

Seth C says:

Hmmmmmm fair enerf

ahughes33 says:

I'll be completely honest, I had absolutely no faith that this was going to work but I figured what the hell, it's free and simple. Damn if this shit didn't work. Holy crap I have cruise control again! Thanks a million! It's a miracle.

Cameron Baik says:

It worked with a penny. Thanks.

Steven Padilla says:

I have a 2004 Honda Civic coupe and I live by the cruise control whenever possible. A couple of months ago CC just stopped working and this video helped me fix the issue. The rubber piece was missing completely but the penny and electrical tape did the job. Thanks!

De_Cooliest says:

Dude you're the best , I thought this might have been the problem but I thought it would go hand-in-hand with brake lights not turning off. I gave it a try anyway and now I have cruise control for my long drive Upstate this weekend! Thanks so much hahaha

christopher richardson says:

Hey man I must say thank you for coming up with this special idea because earlier today I look at your video and I'm thinking would this work or not because I've been having problems with my cruise control so I did what you said with the penny and also the black tape and man it worked perfectly once again I thank you

Juan Galeano says:

Thank you so much, I Have a 2007 civic coupe and I use the cruise control all the time. Today it stop working…i was so bummed….Your video was very helpful, i got it working back. Thank you!!

manuel alfaro says:

I dont put the penny but i replace the switch so is working now thanks for share your video

Scott Frasier says:

what year/make is the Honda?

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