Universal joint replacement (front driveshaft) – 95 GMC K1500 #craftsman #mechanic #gmc #truck #4×4

Universal joint replacement (front driveshaft) – 95 GMC K1500 #craftsman #mechanic #gmc #truck #4×4


James Hill says:

I once spent over an hour beating a u joint out. Called up a shop, $16 a joint to press them out and in.

Dodd Garger says:

Yummy needle bearings

Алексей Карпов says:

Кто ж так выбивает то…

Joel Smithers says:

Don't drive it through, use the ball end of hammer and tap the end of the yoke with moderate force and the cap will pop up n out. You won't mess up the ears and holes.


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Pedro Baggio says:

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Christopher Strong says:

I still think it's a cool video, Keep Building, Rebuilding, or Repairs,

David Harris says:

First of all.. as a mechanic I would never use a hammer unless I had no other tool to install a u-joint. Second… why would you ever Grease the u-joint until you install it in the truck? Third… People need to understand the reason he's heating the caps on that specific u-joint it's because GM glues the caps in from the factory. But people please be careful heating these caps if they're full of grease they can explode on you!!! You are only heating long enough to have the glue squirt itself out the little holes on the end of driveshaft ears. Once it stops coming out it's time to cool and press u-joint out. Wants to join his out make sure the grooves are cleaned really well for new clips to be installed!

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