DIY FIX! GMC/Chevy Stabili Trak, Traction Control, and Blinking Engine light

DIY FIX! GMC/Chevy Stabili Trak, Traction Control, and Blinking Engine light

Rough idle, rough shift, Stabili trak, traction control and blinking engine light starting happening all at once! turns out it was just misfiring cylinders due to a bad spark plug



Travis Hutchinson says:

I hate to give you some bad news but if you have a cylinder misfire it's a lifter sticking because of the v4 drop down it burns oil and causes the spark plugs to foul out and can cause damage to the engine if not fixed soon enough

Javier Vega says:

I have an 09 Silverado 1500 and mine does the same has a.f.m.systemin it and I changed everything but it still deos the same if you can help me find the problem I really appreciate it .thanjs

redneck Fixer says:

It would be a good video if I could see something

Quik Tech says:

I have the same issue. I changed all the spark plugs and it ran great for about 2 weeks removing the stabilitrak. Then 2 weeks later Stabilitrak comes on again and I'm getting a tick now, and the same Cylinder (#6) Is misfiring. I changed my wires and plugs and also the ignition coil afterwards but did nothing for me.

lucashernandez8 says:

These cars need good source of power, (battery)! As they do not have distributors anymore, so battery has to power computer, coils power everything in car!! So my suggestion is to follow owners manual for up keep! I know buying vehicle used is a gamble but these are things we can do to avoid these problems

lucashernandez8 says:

People!!!!! Avoid this by following manufacturers suggestions!!! Aka owners manual, what he needs to do is regap those plugs and tourque to spec. and replace air filter!! Start engine dump very good cleaner to clean fuel injectors, I used 1 gallon of laquar thinner in tank with ten gallons of gas ran it till empty!

boatdrinks1 says:

It's the wheel speed sensors wrecking your Stabili trac and traction control

Langley says:

Mine just started this 2 days ago…did your engine have a ticking noise at all. I have the same truck and everything. Doing exactly the same

Ken P says:

Those ac delco brand are chevy sparkplugs
my yamaha f115 outboard fouled a plug like that because it was getting too much fuel to that cylinder.

R Souder says:

I'm here with you, I purchased a brand new 2019 chevy 2500 HD in January 2019, this past September at 8 months and 7500 miles, my truck was riding rough (like driving on asphalt in 4WD) from a dead stop to a slight acceleration and the traction control light came on briefly for 2-3 seconds only about 3 or 4 times but it did it steadily over the course of a weekend. Called the dealership and took it there to have it looked at and it never acted up on the way to the dealership and on the way home. No codes showed up at all. It does it every once in a while. Believe me, when you pay good money for a new vehicle, it better run in top shape for a liooooooong time. I still have over a year and 17,000 Miles for it to happen again and file a lemon law issue with chevy. I had a Ford before (brand new) and that truck cost me an arm and a leg with deductibles over 13 years- never again. Hoping chevy doesnt let me down.

Dennis eggleston says:

Plug wire's my brother

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