How to fix/replace a Chev/GM hood release handle

How to fix/replace a Chev/GM hood release handle

This brief video describes how I replaced a broken hood release latch handle on a 2000 Chev Suburban. The replacement part used to fit this model was Dorman part #03335, and it seems to work fine. Hopefully it will last as long as the original part.

If your handle breaks, you should lubricate the cable slides and mechanical system since corrosion and increasing mechanical resistance is likely underlying.

This amateur demonstration is offered for free, but there are no guarantees as to safety or accuracy. Before any kind of repair you should consult the dealer repair manual for additional information not available from various multimedia sources. Never trust a single source for critical information. Any misadventure you encounter if you decide to accept the risk of home repair is your responsibility.



condor5635 says:

Great video… I am going to lubricate my 03 Suburban latch area next opening!

ShawnMrFixitlee says:

Great share , Those fail quite often ! I see folks with vise grips on the end of the cable come in allot

stuzman says:

It looks like Dorman came through on this one minus the flange which was a little too big. And the OEM part wouldn't have been worth it for that alone. And Dave, how did you know that I was thinking about cleaning that up before you put that kick panel back in place? :))

Bill K says:

Thanks Dave! Always thorough videos and explanations from you.

zx8401ztv says:

Smashing job , looks like new again 😀

Yes the cable and mechanisms do get sticky with old grease, so i suppose a cable and lock flush would be a good idea.
Plastic has never been my favorite for stressed parts, it can get really brittle with age and repairing the part itself can be hard.
Minimal designs leave no room for bodges…. i mean professional modifications 😀

FL9502 says:

Mine has always been like that. Didn’t realize it was so easy to fix. Great video as usual.

drm315 says:

Dorman heroes? I've never looked at it as putting pressure on the dealers. You may have a valid point.

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