Easy Peeling GM Dash Repair | The Tahoe Returns!

Easy Peeling GM Dash Repair | The Tahoe Returns!

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Color Bond Dash Paint:


Paint Brushes:


Plastic Razor Blades:




LsxMatt says:

So what are some good bug and tar remover products that I can try out on Tahiti? Also I came in there ALOT in this video.. XD

MrMiamiPhatboy1981 says:

Goo gone or bug and tar remover

Alex Bellotti says:

Taking off the dash isn't too bad on these. Take off the bezel, there are a few screws around the edges. Pry out the a/c vents, there are a screws in the vent holes. Inside the vent holes you can get the towel bar unlatched. Then you just pull the dash cap towards you. Easy peasy

Ricardo Gomez says:

Put sum 24s wheels

RatdogDRB says:

For the tar, start with some WD40, or, some Kerosene. Never Dull wadding may take care of it too.

Trapaholic says:

hey man. how does the bose sound system sound in the tahoe?

mlp8500 says:

Kerosene queens it ..


Wow….that finger tip…rub off is a seller…do not follow this wack job!..

Erwin925 says:

Get a dash cover.

D Zackery says:

good shit!!

King gomez says:

Where did you get the dash color code?

cesar soto says:

Carpro tar x. YouTube it!

trekbsg says:

Mineral spirits for tar.

Patrick Gjønnes says:

You made me wanna buy a Suburban, about the same viechal, going to pick it up next week, cant wait to work on it 🙂

Strickland outdoors says:

Just bought a 01 Tahoe and I see your upgrading alot of the issues that come naturally with these SUVs so I definitely subscribed

Josh B says:

Just use straight gasoline…rubs off like nothing. Don't waste money on products…you can use less than 25 cents worth of gasoline and be done with it. Just wash it off afterwards, obviously.

Kunal Findley says:

The reason why people love seeing your tahoe videos is because it's different. There are thousands of videos of people working on their fast cars but not someone who works on an SUV. This is what makes these Tahoe videos enjoyable

Camaro 1968 says:

Citrol you can find it sometimes at Walmart or Amazon

Paul Bricklayer says:

That’s dash would look sick in black

Hemeny Carbajal says:

Armorall wheel and tire cleaner actually works pretty good

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