Can This GM Cricket Bat Be Repaired?

Can This GM Cricket Bat Be Repaired?

Can this GM cricket bat be repaired?

Find out what goes into our repair and refurbishment processes. Fantail Cricket are the one stop shop for all your cricket bat needs.


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Dasari Nani says:

It's amazing bro

Saurabh Kumar says:

Bhai tu bat ka garage khol le
Mast chalega

dinku mannely says:

I lived in nz for 17 years,the cost of fixing is same as buying a new GM bat I guess, could be a difference of 100 to $150 for a new one, and a long waiting time too to get it fixed bcoz most of them everyone is busy or short staffed good old story repeated, no matter what we want to repair either car, electrical faulty cable, calling police in an emergency or a cricket bat.

Tinny Minny Comedy says:

Great work man

Danish Fayoon says:

Fantail hosts: Now this is bat is fixed and more durable.
Bumrah and Starc Yorker: Hold my beer.

Anchal Dwivedi says:

Ye tattoo bekaar hai

Raman Mishra says:

Kitna ka doge

Satyajit Pol says:

Hay bro why you are not doing its givawayyyyyyyy

Aftab Ora says:

Classic work bro amazing

Vinayak Shinde says:

I like this

funny videos of PUBG says:

Good, but if Dhoni's hits ball it will get brokes again.

Reena Sharma says:

What is the music

Ab Qayoom says:

One yorker and game over

pankaj kumar says:

Buy a new one!! May save ur precious time!!!

Prashant Singh says:

Thanks for saving some trees at least….


Amazing work

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