Rear Anti Sway Bar Install on RV, New Shocks | Ford E-450 Class C Motorhome

Rear Anti Sway Bar Install on RV, New Shocks | Ford E-450 Class C Motorhome

Installation of rear Hellwig anti-sway bar on my Ford E-450 Class C RV. I also had Bilstein shocks installed and a professional alignment. I highly recommend this upgrade for owners of large Class C RVs.


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Hellwig FRONT Anti-Sway Bar for Ford E-450:
Hellwig REAR Anti-Sway Bar for Ford E-450:
Bilstein Shock Absorbers:


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NorthWest Living says:

Hi, getting a thor class c outlaw 29j, e450. Would this work? Dealership is going to charge 1200 for rear stabilizing roadmaster install. And 900 for the Safe-T-Plus install.

First Sgt Pete says:

Tito, as I changed my front sway bar on my 30 foot Jayco Greyhawk, I noticed a small shock absorber that is mounted horizontally behind the sway bar. Any Ideas of what that is for..
Mine has 5 inches of clean end like it has been operating. Is this the steering stabilizer? and if so, should I change it also?
The vehicle is a 2007 ford E450.

Alex Barrientos says:

I installed the front sway bar and tested and I still have some sway when a semi-truck passes me by, the rear sway bar hasn't been replaced, it is that normal? thanks !!

Billy says:

Do you have air bags one Rv

L says:

Hi Brian. GREAT videos, as always. Where did you get the alignment and shocks installed? Would you recommend them? Thanks.

Christopher Montoya says:

Thanks for the video. I replaced them and along with my Safe T steering stabilizer it performs like a champ. No more rig pulling and pushing. Also I replaced the existing shocks with Bilstein shocks.

Manolo Vicencio says:

Brian Nice video..! I m going to do the Bilstein shocks first at front..later i do the back..! I m 8 yrs!

DG says:

Great Video. Maybe someone can shed some light on a thought I have…Does anyone think that upgrading the sway bars would put more stress on the Motorhome itself (IE side walls, roof, floors, cuboards, etc). That now eliminated sway motion has to go somewhere. @Brian, as you have had this on for several years, any input on this?

Ron Monk says:

Brian, I just did the install yesterday and it's amazing. I replaced the front and back sway bars with Hellwigs and also the steering stabilizer. It's a Fleetwood Tioga 31M. A pretty hard job for a 77 year old man, but my dad was a mechanic and I have always did my own work. A great upgrade for our RV. Thanks for the video from a few years ago.

jkhan786 says:

I am trying to get Bilstein Shock Absorbers; but i have to choose between long wheelbase vs short wheelbase. I am not sure which one to choose. how can we tell if we have long wheelbase or short wheelbase. Any idea? i have 2007 Dutchmen Class C motorhome and its 31'. its a ford E450 v10 super duty.

David Ahn says:

Hey Brian, I love your channel. I'm looking to replace my sway bar for my Winnebago Via, but I'm also very interested in air bag suspension. Have you ever considered air bags? My ride is very harsh on anything other than super smooth asphalt, and the rattling from the mini blinds and all the cabinets drives me insane. Thanks!

juanez6280 says:

Where did you order your sway bar from

Allen Lewis says:

Brian,excellent series btw.
Did you upgrade your sway bar links from the factory as well?
Also did you add a new steering stabilizer as well?

Mr. do it yourself and save says:

And the previous video you mention chassis f53 I have Motorhome Gulfstream 2004 Ford chassis is f53 ?

Cj Roth says:

Hi Tito, I had the sway bars installed before our last trip. I couldn’t believe the driving difference. I know this is a older video for you but thanks for posting.

Hypnosis And Magic says:

Well, received the Sway bars, ordered from SD Springs. Unfortunately, the rear sway bar box had a hole that someone tried to tape up. My mechanic laid out the parts and said half of the parts were missing (I have a 2004 BT Cruiser, 22', Ford E350 v10, and the Helwig rear sway is for RVs that didn't have a sway bar originally) … so Helwig said they'd rush the missing parts out in 2 days (IF they had them in stock) ….. So, we'll see. I also put the heavy duty Monroe RV Gas shocks in and I'm not sure if I'm going to put a new set of Coopers (6) on the unit or go for broke with Michelins. Thanks for your help. Appreciated.

Hypnosis And Magic says:

Just received front and rear Helwig Sway bars for my 22' Gulfstream BT Cruiser …. now to find someone here to install it … I'm from NYC … not a very handy mechanic

- palomo says:

How many miles are on your rig? Wonder when to replace shock absorbers on my Class A?

papawoody says:

I know this is old but for those without rear air bags they also make a huge difference, set them up with a fill for each dont combine into 1 fill. and in windy conditions up the P.S.I. Doing all of these to your rv will change your mind on selling a white nuckle ride!!!

ostbob says:

did you HAVE to do an alignment afterwards?

Tony Briggs says:

How much did it cost..and can you tell a big difference.

jpwgraphics says:

good video! I like the light humor too!. I also have a 2007 Ford E450 with a Winnebego Outlook. Would that be the same?

Don Coons says:

Are you going to upgrade the steering stabilizer?

RV with Tito DIY says:

Hey Rodney. I don't have the part numbers handy, but they are Hellwig bars and I also got them from SDTruck Springs.

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