How to Replace Install Ignition Lock Cylinder 2006 Ford Explorer Buy Auto Parts at

How to Replace Install Ignition Lock Cylinder 2006 Ford Explorer Buy Auto Parts at

1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken, damaged, worn or faulty ignition lock key cylinder. This video is applicable to the 06 Ford Explorer

🔧 Instructions:

1. Removing the Ignition Lock Cylinder 1:01
2. Removing the Tumbler 1:38
3. Removing and Installing the Tumblers 2:10
4. Installing the Tumbler 5:45
5. Reinstalling the Ignition Cylinder 7:28

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Ri Morton says:

Great video. Just a note, the 2002 Ford Explorer XLT requires that you remove the cover from the bottom of the steering column and then remove three exposed screws with a nut driver. None of this is obvious. The cylinder release button uses the same hole as the screw that holds the black Siemens electronics package that includes a ring around where the key goes into the cylinder. You will need to unplug three electrical connectors as well to get enough room/play to gain access to the last screw.

Mark Bourdo says:

what if I can't read the number on the old tumblers

Tee Williams says:

Thanks for the video

Andrew Winter says:

I have a 2007 Ford Explorer. While driving my dome light comes on and off. If I wiggle the key forward a little when it does this my dome light will go off. Is this the ignition lock cylinder going bad. It also feels like it has more play then normal when the key is in the run position.

keith huskey says:

after u installed a new key cynder with new key in 2005 Ford Taurus when turn key theft light come on is there something u have to do

Lazaro Osorio says:

Dear 1AAP:
I own a 2008 Ford Expedition Limited, the ignition switch gets stuck when I turn on the vehicle and I always have to put it back one step to avoid it. Does it is a symptom that the cylinder is damaged and is time to replace it? Does it will be the same procedure than the video ford the 2006 Ford Explorer?

Kevin Lund says:

What if the key doesn't turn

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