How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2014 Ford Focus

How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2014 Ford Focus

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Ford C-Max 2013 – 2017
Ford Escape 2013 – 2016
Ford Focus 2012 – 2018
Ford Transit Connect 2014 – 2017

Lincoln MKC 2015 – 2017

The model shown in this video is a 2014 Ford Focus but installation is similar on the other models.



Benoit B says:

Thank's for the video, probably the filter has never been changed….


Great video, that filters! Thanks! Took my son and I tend minutes to change it. And as my wife said, we didn't curse once!

Rebekah fitzger says:

Thanks for the video. I got a focus late last year. I was just getting my oil changed and the guy was struggling greatly to find the cabin air filter. Came home and watched this video and he was looking in the wrong spot… I'll continue changing these things myself going forward.

Hussain Ghazwe says:

Thank you But my focus 2011 is difrrent than yours.

CortxVortx says:

Succinct video that shows exactly what you need to do without any extraneous commentary. Says more in 3 minutes than other vids do in 20 minutes.

Greg D says:

The screw is actually a T20 torx bit in my 2014 Focus. A 7/64 hex will work but the T20 works better imo. Thanks for the video!

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