How to Install Ford 302 Timing Chain – WWW.JUNKYARDDOGGS.COM

How to Install Ford 302 Timing Chain – WWW.JUNKYARDDOGGS.COM

Hey whats up y’all, I’m just going over a few details on how to install a timing chain on the new F303 camshaft in our beloved 302 motors. Enjoy.

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Agent 84 says:

where do you live


Feelin this…..Junkyard Dawwwwg! Woof Wooooooof!! Ok….need to finish coffee and head to home depot for some penetrating oil to hopefully assist a broken bolt out of my water pump…Love the drum break audio loop on this video too…

XIIINoir says:

There's a lot of information no one tells you about on your videos, like the oil passage on the cam plate. I'm going to have to watch your videos from the first.

RW4X4X3006 says:

And……That's how it's done. Great tutorial!

granadojl says:

WTF… adjustable wrench on the Crank?? I'll stick to the proper procedures for installing a new timing gearset.

atk703 says:

i love the fact u actually make my day by repairs, like come on man u dont wanna put this old raggy chain and the chain all loose. im ssorry i laugh at things like that

BE VR says:

U know ur stuff man nice meeting u in carson gas station junkyard dogging

Roger Carlin says:

Thanks for your time on filming and your knowledge. I was wondering if you could help me I have a 95 Mustang that I am building right now with a 76m Turbonetics turbo. My question is what type of Cam would you install if it was your car I would like to have a mild idle so I would not have a hard time tuning at ldle. The car will have 60 lb injectors with a pro m calibrated Mass and will be tuning the car with moates quarterhorse

Brandon Sturgill says:

I really like how you explain how thanks are I now more than some but not as much as most and I'm in the middle of doing the same project myself and my mustang just had a lifter fail and I'm looking forward to seeing you explain the valve train cause installing the rockers everyone explains it without the details I'm wondering about big ups to the junkyard Dogg!!!

blown8950 says:

Why tubular front end? Because racecar!!

Luis Loya says:

Junkyarddoggz!!! Great video!!!

TheSamplebridge says:

and make sure you slide the crank sproket on the rights way. I had mine backwards and my chain would bind when balancer was installed and I didnt have a clue.

RL Racing Garage says:

I learned so much from you bro I appreciate it thanks for everything.

RL Racing Garage says:

Junkyard Dogg what's up bro like your videos keep it up.

Wade Jacobson says:

Great Video, really appreciate how you take the time to show all the little details.

looking forward to MAYHEM!

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