How to: Clean & replace throttle body Ford Duratec HE (Mondeo, Focus, Mazda)

How to: Clean & replace throttle body Ford Duratec HE (Mondeo, Focus, Mazda)

Simple DIY how to: Remove, clean, and replace the throttle body on a Ford Duratec HE or Mazda LF engine.

Throttle bodies get dirty over time along with the rest of the insides of an intake manifold, and it’s good practice to service them by just cleaning from time to time. Dirty or clogged throttle bodies can lead to rough idle and engine tune problems. A good schedule would be the same as your air filter replacement interval.

Video on the throttle position sensor:
Video on the Idle Air Control Valve:

Nb.: Later Duratec HE’s use a drive-by-wire throttle body which effectively incorporate the IACV into the electronic throttle body – this would be a different process.

You will need:
– 8 mm socket and 3/8″ or 1/4″ socket wrench with short extension bar
– Throttle body cleaner or similar plastic-safe solvent for cleaning (do not use “carb cleaner”)
– Rag(s)
– Torx driver to remove and reinstall throttle position sensor
– Flashlight.



Ben Wiren says:

The socket extender sitting on the battery between the positive terminal and the metal battery clamp. Second-hand anxiety my friend.

rockyramsy says:

This channel saved me TONS of money. A big thank you to Craig and keep posting more videos please.

Klimek Tadeusz says:

Thank you sir

boastyy says:

Great video thanks man.subscribed!

Guillaume Fo' says:

Hi, I have a FORD MONDEO TDCi Auto(DCT) MB, MC 2010, 4 Door Wagon DIESEL 2.0 litre, D4204T7 I4 16v DOHC Turbo CRD {120KW} and did 600km this week-end. 4 times during the way, the "engine malfunction" appeared and went into limp mode. Problem temporarily solved by turning off and on the car but it keeps reappearing.
I got the error code P2125-00 whioch is the "throttle / pedal position sensor / switch E circuit" error. Do you think I need to check and clean my sensor as you did in the video ? thanks

Tr1kk1 says:

Classic signs of this problem is that you have a dead spot on your throttle

webrtywebrty hebrtyhebrty says:

Craig, is it okay just to use Wd 40 contact cleaner? to clean the throttlebody which says
(Warning do not try to clean the throttlebody)

macwin delantar says:

My ford mondeo engine has rpm too high when i start the engine. It is running wild, no more low speed. Any suggestion or help.

SauceBossProds says:

What is the hose that joins the intake pipe at the airbox at0:35 from the top of the engine? Some sort of breather hose? Completely split on my 05 focus and can't seem to identify its proper name

stevo131313 says:

5:48 "Or and old pair of underwear… " Awesome! 🙂

Darlene Davidson says:

My 2004 ford focus zx3 with a 2.0 liter engine isnt running will die while driving .ive replaced the fuel pressure sensor .the battery is perfect and the alternator is fine. I need help .i am once again on the side of the roadand it is about 200 degrees out here.

RC Junkin says:

Is ok to use mass air flow cleaner on throttle body I cant find a cleaner other that mass air flow that won't hurt the plastic … Help

____________ says:

dont you have to disconnect the battery before doing this job? so that the Ecu is going to reset mode?

RockPaperScissors says:

Is that a manky pair of old underpants you used to clean with? Do you recommend I do the same?

Димо Петров says:

I'm extraordinary lazy and uninterested on working on my car. In that line of though, do you guys think it will be a good strategy to just remove the vacuum hose, and plug it up with something and not mess with the throttle body at all?

Edward Bulemi says:

my car mazda 6 2007 has 'deflating' kind of sound (when the hood is open) when i step on the gas.What could be the issue?

Joe 90 says:

The engine is so clean

Cleberson Pertile says:

Nice video Craig. What about the spring on the throttle body, what cleaner do you recommend using? I've tried WD40 but it catches a lot of dirt.

el ar says:

is it safe to spray it whilenx the engine is running?t

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