Avoid This New Ford Bronco At All Costs

Avoid This New Ford Bronco At All Costs

Ford Bronco review. Here’s What I Really Think of the New $30,000 Ford Bronco, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Is the Ford Bronco reliable? Ford Bronco reveal and exclusive. Are Ford trucks good? Is Ford worth it? Buying a new 2021 Ford Bronco. Buying a used Ford Bronco. Should I buy a Ford Bronco? Truck Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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Ari says:

I thought you said the ford 4 cylinder engine sucks

RockYouVideos says:

Pretty good but if they had an NA 4 banger with the 7spd I'd say it was perfect. Or a 5.0 with a manual. Duh.

Jake Wheelie says:

Audi will soon run out of customers. Good riddance.

Precastfour 9 says:

Hey Scotty I have a 91 pontiac bonneville sse, it has 8000 kilometers and has been sitting since around 2012. we moved it from my grandmas to my house and it ran fine other than we had to clean the carb, but I just want to know if I should change the oil and all that good stuff. I won't start driving it until next year but it would be nice to know!

Steve W says:

30K base for a Bronco? Oh Hell No…………

Jake Wheelie says:

If I had 116k dollars, I'd buy a small house in a nice state. Not a Camaro.

Lancelot Link says:

Scottys father was Timothy Leary.

Jake Wheelie says:

Well, if they had a cheaper way to mass produce carbon fiber then there would not be a lot of plastic crap bolted to engines.

AniMeKiNgS says:

"Zippy Car"

Jake Wheelie says:

Americans should give up this piggish, oversized SUV craze and buy vehicles like the new Bronco and the Wrangler. These big SUVs just take up more space on city streets and become fodder for the anti-car, pro-cyclist, pro-pedestrian crowds.

upside downdog says:

Bottom of the line Bronco should have an inline 6.

leo carvajal says:

7:21 if gf sees this, will never trust me when i spend time looking car ptoblems vids..

cameron says:

long live toyota prius

NyCad says:

Hahaha Scotty talking about the Audi dealership is hilarious, but so true. Love it!

kclefthanded 427 says:

I don't know how Audi is still in business after that parts department fiasco

Garrak says:

After owning a 2014 Ford Focus I'll NEVER buy Ford again. Period. I'd rather walk.

drwisdom1 says:

There are only two vehicles that I know of that have a 7-speed manual transmission: Porsche 911 and Chevrolet C7 Corvette. So if the Bronco does too then it has serious company.

TheMinecraftfreak668 says:

Hey Scotty, where would you recommend to get a head gasket, and any specific brand?

It going to be for my 2001 Honda accord 4cyl.

Jeremy Edwards says:

Scotty, honestly I don't think they're making the GDI injectors plastic because it's cheaper, that's being too kind. They're making them that way because they know if they can get half the owners to pay for the eventual repair then they'll make more then they ever could. Why put the metal pieces in now for free when they can do it later for 1k to 2k extra.

Harry Frates says:

Foolish for Ford not to offer the 5.0 in the new Bronco.

Henry Stone says:

Compared to the debate I just watched, Scotty seems to be a lot more sane!

Scot Evert says:

I have a 2002 2500 Chevy express, made in Canada. Only 129,000 miles. This truck has found 17 ways not to start in the last 17 years I’ve had it. Plus, had a bent valve, had to do it myself. 2 radiators. 2 water pumps, and fan clutches, and thermostats. Also, new rotor x7.

Rabiul Hauque says:

I don't owe anyone anymore because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Raj M says:

Just bought a 2010 Highlander with 37k miles. Very clean and my wife loves it. Let’s see how it goes. We’re going to get some touch screen installed, just to get a little bit of tech.

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