Auto Body Repair: Pull on a 2005 Ford Focus

Auto Body Repair: Pull on a 2005 Ford Focus

Interested in auto body reconstruction? Take a look at the skills you can learn at the Auto Body Collision Technology program at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota. Here, we have second-year student Chad Stigsell with Instructor Gerry Rainford describing a pull they are doing on a 2005 Ford Focus. To learn more about DCTC’s Auto Body programs, visit:



rich says:

PS you shouldn't have your hand on the chains

M F says:

That guy is gonna get hurt one those days the way he grabs those chain with the pressure it's sure too hurt that boy when it let's loose accident waiting to happen and should take you to repair no more than two days to repair

Andrew lynn says:

What a joke!!!!!

pipese says:

Who honestly loves this measuring machine… Velocty < Car-Oliner…

minskimia says:

Rocky and Bullwinkle trying to fix a written off piece of crap to start with.

Armando Lerose says:

Andate a riparare biciclette non auto

lpucho says:

All these assholes commenting how good they are getting it done in 5 DaYS working at hack job body shop. Foh, it's a training school video u scum of the earth. The dude is learning, something u'll never do.

Jonathan Olsson says:

That repair should take about a week, that’s including working 10 plus others car also

Jonathan Olsson says:

Dude use a bigger hummer! Wtf is this frame work for dummies 101, fucking pull that bitch and be done

Rumen Hristov says:

Typically if you got damage to your intake, a/c compressor, alternator or whatever other "deeper" component, then that unibody is far from being fit for repairs for the usa or Canadian market. Oh, and freon is not used in that car. You chose to be technical in your descriptions, but lack use of proper terminology when it comes to the refrigerant.

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