2011+ Ford Fiesta & 2012+ Focus Shudder- Clutch Replacement

2011+ Ford Fiesta & 2012+ Focus Shudder- Clutch Replacement

In this video I show you how involved a clutch replacement is on one of these and why you may not get a perfect shifting trans afterwards. This is just an FYI for owners.



David Alexander says:

I did the 14 turns ccw but when i let it wind back it gets too about 6 turns from the end and it sort of fetches up and i have to help it get past a tight stop and a bit of a snap before it will rewind the rest of the way. I would really appreciate your input on this. This is on motor a the one on top, (1,3,5?) I dont feel this when doing the other one.

Nasir Naeem says:

Hi, can you share details of the tool kits used? Also great work on explaining the issue. How does this type of gearbox inform ECU that it is in park or neutral? Thanks

Tommy Smith says:

Monopolism at it's finest !

A Good Neighbor Auto repair 2 says:

Hi,mister Brian, very nice way to explain the full process.

Eduardo Alanis says:

Very complete video. thank you for sharing your knowledge. I was hoping you can bring some illumination. does a used transmission module for this transmissions need to be programmed too?

Question Reality says:

what causes the shudder ? is the clutch being engaged to slowly as in a manual shifted by a person? (electronic actuator acutates engagement too slowly ???

James Evans says:

Had my clutch replaced 9 months ago on my ford focus here in the UK the car has been great to drive since

Beau Bilodeau says:

I need this done to my 2012 but I'm afraid that most techs won't put in the same care or techniques, what should I do?

Keith Allen says:

Ford says they can't be fixed! where they've act like they've never heard of such a crazy problem and say they can't verify the problem.

Davis Diagnostics says:

Great video. Snap-on offers the initialization procedure, at least now in 2021.

Jose Lupercio says:

Link to the clutch extraction kit ?

B Lado says:

If you install a used transmission, do you still have to go through the adaptation process?
I have this same problem but found a used transmission with very low mileage and I was just going to install the used transmission instead of replacing the clutch on the old one.

L.A. Commander says:

I hope you guys watching this learned your lesson: always get a manual transmission with these small four cylinder cars. Not just for Fords, but for Hondas and Toyotas as well. These small cars are almost always better and less trouble with the factory manual transmission.

Ken Fredrick says:

This guy is a genius. I wish he had worked on my 2012 Fiesta. Hopefully the Ford dealer installed the brown colored parts on my clutch.

Randall Davis says:

Will it last more than 20k mi ? Like it didn't new.

Hector Martinez says:

I'm so glad I bought a toyota. Lol

Rea Deniega says:

Thanks for explaining to us this process its a big help

Wayne van Wyngaard says:

Could you please tell me how you removed the transmission. I have to take my one out but I can't seem to remove it. It feels stuck

DJ says:

Where's your shop located? I have one of these darn things and it has a shutter.

Mike Cuvelier says:

I own a 2013 Focus and love the gas mileage, after many trips into the dealership, the trans is finally running very well, no shudder. This video is "excellent" . One of the best I have ever seen. Thank you.

Eroc says:

Great video thank you so much! I have my daughters 2014 at Ford right now getting this exact same thing done….. I really pray it fixes it like they have worked or you, I dont put much stock in dealer mechanics but the tech seemed knowledgable on it so well see….. I need this car to last her until she gets out of college and then some so I hope the tech has even half you knowledge lol

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