We FIXED The Salvage Ferrari 360! Then it BROKE DOWN 10 Minutes Later!

We FIXED The Salvage Ferrari 360! Then it BROKE DOWN 10 Minutes Later!

Specialized ECU Repair Can Diagnose Electrical Trouble with a Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, or Jaguar: https://www.ecudoctors.com/
Specialized ECU Repair on Youtube: https://bit.ly/322kbCu

Today we take our Ferrari Engine Computers to Specialized ECU Repair to get the electric issues sorted out! They found the problem and also were able to make me new key fobs, and make immobilizer enhancements! We take the car out on a test drive and the F1 Transmission Failure Light popped on and the car wouldn’t go into gear!

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Specialized ECU Repair says:

Sam, thanks so much for the visit – you were a lot of fun to talk to!
Keep at it with the 360 and let's do all the other ECU, and immobilizer upgrades we can offer. You'll probably be the first person to have the most modern 360 out there once it's done.
BTW if anyone would like answers to technical questions or just curious about ECUs, we'd love to answer their questions.

mike brink says:

Note to self don't buy a Ferrari, if I wanna go fast in a car get a ZR1 instead

J Smith says:

Those folks are true professionals and deserve major props!!!

Tom Davis says:

A Ferrari broke down? That’s news

Tate Swanson says:

Those BMW half cuts are stupidly cool. I’d love to see more!

EgoBrainZ71 says:

Do NOT connect the RED cable LAST!! Auto 101, the arc is detrimental to the ECUs.

This guy is connecting, disconnecting the red cable and you can hear it arc…

Unless Ferrari does or backwards it doesn't look like it with all the feeds coming off it.

George Jungle says:

Somebody bought one of those and put a 24 hp motor from harbor freight in it. I think it ran better.

Ian Devine says:

You can easily see some of the benefits of 3D printing.

リバティーウォーク says:


ianwynneuk says:

Bad luck Sam – odd, sounds immobiliser related if that’s what you’ve just fixed. Unusual coincidence for both to fail at the same time…

Stephen Cagle says:

Wow cool video!! I'm working on a 2016 flooded Audi R8 that I got dirt cheap.

Darren Morris says:

Change the damn pump.

D Mason says:

F1 software in a 360?!? Its's official … the people who did that before you bought it should be shot not only for that reason but also because they drove it because they didn't want to spend 7k.

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